Friday, August 14, 2009


This is a true incident.

My rakhi brother Juicy, got married in Feb. 2009. Till then he was available anytime for freinds, when they really needed a pal. But guess things change when they marry.

So, the same thing happened with Juicy. This guy had been so disconnected that there was absolutely no news from his end. No calls, no sms, not coming online, meeting toh door ki baat thi....

Anyways every year it was ritual to meet on RAKSHA BANDHAN day.You see he was my pal cum brother. No escape atleast on that day. All advantages of being a SIS. I had reminded him about a week in advance. ( Note: Only to married personals - Reminders needed after wedding).

Again just to make myself sure, I sent him another message on the day of Rakhi. (For my surity).

Time got confirmed and the place - CCD, as always.

I was supposed to meet my cousin brother who had come from U.S.A too. SO met him forst as I had time. A brilliant plan started forming in my mind. Well, read on to find out....

I told the plan to my brother. He was kind of flabbergasted. Bulleyed him to agre. Elder diii to him you see. Poog thing agreed. We marched off to CCD.

As agreed, I was there at 7. Juicy arrived a little late. Apologising, huffin - puffin too.

He sat down. Now who is this guy?? That was the look on Juicy's face after seeing my cousin.

They introduced themselves before even I could intervene. ( None of them had met before you see - TO my advantage).

I popped up a question. I asked Juicy, Wouldn't you want to know who this guy is??? Well, ofcourse he had to. I was his RAKHI SISTER, after all. I casually said he is my WOULD BE. Man, his face was worth seeing then. He was baffled completely.

He just looked at me, and to my happiness, he bought it. He was perplexed. How the hell could I get engaged and not call him?? Man, he was shooting question at my so called would be. That poog guy, kept looking at me, most talkative you see.

After about 5 minutes, my brother took his cell - phone out to call. To my utter shock, he dials my home number. God, I had forgotten to loop in my mother. Of course, the rest goes unsaid. My mum spilt the beans.

What a hearty laugh we had!!!

P.S: I hope Juicy doesn't get disconnected again.

All my dear married friends, beware, you never know what would have taken place in your respective freinds life, if you remain disconnected.