Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some things BEST UNSAID

Life sometimes throws really hard tasks at your face. So hard that your face should crumble. The ones that don't let it crumble are the ones who work out wonders for themselves. Ain't it true????

The most asked question, "WHY ME"? , but an answer never found till date.

People so often fall in love and very fall often fall out too. Well, what's nes in this?? Love is meant to happen, but ponder that love remains forever or not. Come to think of it, most of the times, it does not.

Faced with a situation like this, what does one usually do...

The situation is usual, boy - meets- girl-falls-in-love-but-cannot-marry types. Isn't this the most common scenario that we see in the modern days and have heard in ancient times too.

The same thing happens in many of our lives too. We fall in love madly and crazily and dream about spending the rest of our lives with that person. (It's like, when you fall in love, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible..)

For most people it comes true. But just imagine for the ones it doesn't come true..

Parents force, the guy is not interested, things don't work out, wave lengths don't match etc, whatever the reason may, the inference is a BROKEN HEART and a zilch love life. The state of mind is not something one can really pen down. Everything around changes all of a sudden and there seems world's end.

But, life has to move on for some and for some it just gets stuck.

This life that gets stuck..... Somethings indeed are best when unsaid!!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Tere sang, ek simple bhi coffee bhi kick deti hain, tere sang"!!!!!!!!!

This song is indeed Fenny & Whisky's favourite song. Not for the fact that coffee happens to be their favourite but only for the fact that even a simple coffee with each other kicks them real high. Their company is just enough to LEAD A HAPPY LIFE FOR EVER.

Each time they meet, this is the song that they recall with new memories. New memories each time this song plays at the back of their mind.

This is one such coffee incident.

Whisky happened to meet fenny sometime back and they decided to stop over coffee. (The very irony of coffee shops being, pay-more-to-converse-more attitude....)

This time the coffee shop being CAFE PASUCHI (Not sure if I got the spelling in tact, nevertheless, please correct the same..) They walked into the shop and sat. It was almost seven in the evening. This coffee was a stop over before dinner.

Menu card arrived. Scanning was in full swing from Fenny's end as Whisky can never place an order. After a quick scan, settled in for hot coffee. The price was pretty high only to an utter shock later. Few minutes later, something called coffee arrived in huge tray. From a distance the tray looked almost empty.

With a royal treatment, there arrived our COFFEE CUP. FREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
The darned cup was not in the least bit visible.. It was the most tiniest cup anyone could think of serving coffee , let alone it being for boring guests.

Peeping over that cup, gave an utmost shock of life. The tiny cup had a few drops of black water in it and nothing else. A few packets of sugar were piled in a cup and it looked like sugar should be poured in plenty to feel happy to pay that price.

Whisky mustered all his courage and took a sip, and freaked out. God knows what that damn black liquid was....For crying out loud, this black water came at a price.. Another sip and the cup was EMPTY....


(p.s: this is the to etch a memory over coffee for times to come.......)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walk A while

May 26th 2011 - A Day to remember all her Life!!

A walk down memory lane and this is the DATE to remember for a DATE.

This innocent looking creature asked a thing that wept her off her feet. All along this silent killer never uttered a word and when he did she was bowled.

Whisk, you will know and she will remember this d date!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pocket Sized Joy

She sat alone for a few minutes pondering over the past few months that had gone by. No clue as to what had gone wrong in their lives. But within her hearts she knew the reason that she had to stay away a while so as to compose and bring herself together. Little did she know that it would just not be possible to stay away longer. LOVE, a word that did not really mean anything so long suddenly seemed to be the deeply enlightening essence of her life.

All along so thought they would never meet. But it didn't last long. She indeed met.

This pocket sized chipmonk version of joy was standing in front her and her joy leapt with joy. To express or not was the million dollar question in her mind and she yielded deeper into the world of silence. Joy can enwrap oneself in any form be it in packets or pocket sizes. They are the catalysts to accelarate the end result. Only in this case, end result is known.

Standing right in front of her with those innocent eyes was her pocket sized happiness. All those memories of past, she started walking down memory lane. A trip she was ready to make over and over again. Indeed the trip worthy of a lifetime.

Sometimes life is also an enigma which takes a lifetime to solve. How do such things become the breather to life. Oxygen in short. When everything seems sullen and dry around, here are the sprouts of green hope budding within.

Silently she smiled looking at her joy and knew that this packet was all that is required to sustain the pocket full of life!!!!

This little joy knows the value in her life and which is meant to be forever.