Thursday, February 11, 2016

Right Choice Baby

How many times have we wondered, "Is he the right one"? When we are on that threshold of marriage, we all begin to loosen the shackles to our brain for the power of vigorous and rigorous thinking ability. We all want - Happily Ever After for us. Isn't it? I am sure most of you will agree.
But that gnawing question - AM I MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE? Well, it is our gut that we go with. Call it gut, call it the bell ringing or whatever, we will feel it when it happens. Most of times the gut kicks in real strong and hard and before we realize, we are hooked and booked. Hopefully not cooked.

Feeling jittery and nervous are all the signs that is common. Mass - feeling - syndrome that is inevitable. But just know that once you feel the emotion and make the choice, it is meant to be forever. 
Next time when you stand on this threshold and you gut kicks in - Yehi Hain Right Choice Baby!! Just go for it and the rest will follow the best!