Monday, September 24, 2012

Method to Madness

Method to Madness--> MTM.... This is something that I really want to blog about.. Method and Madness, two words which seldom unite to form statement. But when it comes together, it brings a lot of harmony in itself. This statement has always irked me and I candidly want to articulate my thoughts. But when one really thinks about this statement, METHOD TO THE MADNESS, does it strike a thing or kindle one's thoughts, is what I really want to bring forth...

Everything around is sometimes so maddening and annoying that one just wants to run away from it all. Run into such a place that the daily madness is kept at bay, but is it really possible is the million dollar question to ponder. Everyone at sometime or the other wishes for this magical wand to wave and vanish into a no man's land - Just clean blue water, fresh air and lush greenery. In today's maddening world where everyone is racing against time. 

Just one fine day, people wake up to realize that madness is a part and parcel of life, but a method which when inculcated into this madness, would make our lives such a wonderful and peaceful existence. Just a little more organization into doing things, a little more dedication towards chores, a teeny weeny bit more of commitment, can help take that one step more closer to organizing madness. 
But instead all we think is about cribbing all along and making yourself miserable. 

Just spare a minute and think wisely. Wake up to a bright day and kick start a brilliant day. Organization, determination, method, patience, perseverance are those ingredients that one needs to essentially use to make this amazing recipe called MTM.... Believe me, its not easy, but nothing is difficult as well in this world. It is how you see the world through your window. Open your eyes and appreciate the daily madness and indeed then you would realize that there is a method in the madness.......