Friday, April 30, 2010


This blog of mine may seem unique. I am wrting a biography as well as an auto biography.
Well, what is the theme.... It is nothin but my NAIL. Read on......

Auto biography -
Nail - Myself.. I am expressing it....Meri kahani, Meri zubaani....

I was a happy little, cute ring finger nail on my master's hand. I was so proud that I was her nail. She used to groom me so well, shape me well, color me with bright colors and design me too. My shaping process was as follows,

1. Tiny as I was like my siblings, my master would grow me well.
2. As I grew, I would be shaped along with others.
3. After we were shaped, we would be painted.
4. After our painting, we would be decorated.

To summarize, we would have great NAIL ART on our self.

I was very happy. But alas, as my master says, Happiness is short lived at times!!!

One day, it so happened that I was hit hard against the wall and was injured very badly. But, my owner didnt realise it. Days passed and I started dying slowly. As much as I wanted to live, I knew death was hovering around. My death was slow. It didn't happen at once. I started losing part by part till one day I died completely.

P.S: May my soul rest in peace!!!

Biography - MY MAIL

I love growing my nails and grooming them well. I grow them long and would color it and design it... My nails were my pride possession and indeed I was proud of it...
One day it so happened (Poeple used to cast their eyes that I had great nails...) , I banged my hand into the door and little did I realise that my ring finger nail in my left hand is hurt...
After a few days, it dawned on me that I have hurt my nail very badly... It started turning yellow and changing shape... I just didnt pay any heed ... But after a few more days, it started hurting me and my nail started coming out... The pain was excrutiaiting. I coudn't bear it and went to a Doc. She prescibed some medicine. I had to apply that each night and my nail was beginning to fall off. It completely fell off and a new nail had to grow back..

I used to wonderbeofre my nail started re growing, , How will my would be put the ring into my ring finger? How will I show my hand? A hundred questions used to gmaw my head. Freaky thing. It had become a night mare to me...

The enitire process took an year...


Here I am with a new self. I'm the new nail now and I am just like my siblings....Initially I was this ugly thing with no shape at all. I used to wonder looking at my siblings, Will I ever be like them?". That was a million dollar question. Each day I used to look at myself and feel I will never look nice ever again.Finally after months, I started looking like others and finally look like them now. I am happy and so is my master.
(Though I took almost about 8 months to grow back, I grew back).

This is my story from CRADLE to GRAVE back to CRADLE!!!!!