Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Most of them know my Brother by now since I have written about him in quiet a few blogs. (Bro you owe me all the publicity you claim!!!)

He is in the USA and we communicate through mails. But I must admit, I am irregulary regular in mailing. But this time I wanted to make the first move and hog the FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE ( Another hard core MBA Term). I was in such a hurry that I did not proof read the mail I sent. Just typed it at lightening speed and pressed SEND button as if it would vanish lest I did not. In a jiffy the MAIL WAS SENT, to relish the MOVER Advantage.

But here is the real story. My brother very sweetly replies back. His first line is like this.

Di, you have typed KRO for BRO!!!!!!!

I was so tickled in my ribs when I read that, I burst out laughing and I laughed for a solid ten mins.

I am sure my bro is going to read it.

Read the COMMENTS to knwo his take on "HI KRO ANTHE"........

Numbers Indeed I'M Possible

Scientific Name: MBA

Common Name: GOMBAZ

Well, I am sure most of my friends will vouch for the above. For the ones, who do not know what GOMBAZ means, then I am sure it is time to get the tickets into the owrld of MBA. For the rest,


(Before I digress further GOMBAZ means Grossly Overpaid MBA'S , no clue how True it is!!!)

Like a few of my friends in the Herd, I too aspired to get into MBA in my Engineering Days. Most of my class mates wanted to get into MS and Mtech and I was keen to get into Management side, the logic being I would have a combo of Technical and Managerial mix. (Not sure how good the mix was going to be!!!)

After my Engineering, I went ahead to persue my blend , though not sure how the Cocktail would turn out to be. ( Time had to tell that!!!)

My journey of churning into a so called GOMBAS or GOMBAZ was gruelling. The day would never seem to end at all and to add to it, each day would be the same high spirited - DIE ANOTHER DAY attitude. Initially, it would take a toil, but as days passed, we began to get into the groove of the game. Marketing and Sales was my passion, so I passed out with a MBA in Marketing. Well, would MBA really be GOMBAS, the real test was to take off.

We rejected offers in college and got into off campus. I started off at an I.T company, where I really wanted to be. Now, the scene unwinds in front.

For every MBA with a Marketing Degree, the base to start off is SALES. The very word creates pressure in any normal human's mind. But the money behind it, is what people think, camouflages the PRESSURE. But does it really do that, you got to find out from a hard core sales man or a sales woman ( Like Me!!).

Well, I also began my career in SALES. Yes SALES and I got into IT Sales. It was a place where only NUMBERS were all over the place. I first day I got into it, the scene was strange. There were a bunch of people sitting in the meeting room and a tiny man was yelling at the top of his voice stating numbers were not met. You could just pass off if not for that voice. I was so taken abalc because I had never seen anything so strange all my life. As days passed I kind of got used to it because eventually I figured that people live for a day and the numbers are to be met each day. Here is the scenario,

Target for the Quarter -> A Quarter has 3 months -> 3 months number is broken into 12 weeks -> A week's number is broken down into a day -> DAY's NUMBER SHOULD HAPPEN.

I mean, just imagine, if X is the number for the day, it is supposed to be met. IMAGINE THE PRESSURE FOR A ROOKIE.

But as days passed , the numbers started giving me a high. Presure would mount, but it would be like the TIDE - Rise and Fall, but that pattern entirely depends on how the NUMBERS are met. There are days when you feel like pulling apart your Manager's hair , of course him beacuse he asks for the Numbers.

For all those who want to make some good money and fall under the priviledged category of GOMBAS, please be up for grabs....

No idea how long the high will remain... Till it becomes low... So long...........