Thursday, June 14, 2012

Attitude Vs Attire

Is is true that your attire reflects your personality? I mean how many of us actually believe this is true. Lot of us feel that according to the way we dress, our body language and our traits also change in accordance. It depends from Saree to Jeans.From Kurta to tops. But not all of us actually realise this. I was also one among them who never actually let this thought sink in. Well, now I am a strong believer from the day it dawned on me very strongly. I actually felt it and hence verily vouch for it.

It so happened that on a Thursday, I was really bored to wear formals and landed up wearing Jeans & Tee, and there I went.. I reached office at my usual time which is about 8 in the morning. From 8 I was in no mood to work at all. I just had a funny feeling that it is Friday and had a totally casual feeling. To top it I am telling my colleagues too that Thank God It's Friday ( TGIF). My colleagues had to remind me the entire day that we had to come one more day to work... Just imagine my poor plight. My brain is just not able to reciprocate the signals and comprehend another working day..

That entire went in consoling myself that I have another day to work ........

Hence, I have decided that whenever I feel like being casual, I will wear Jeans and Tee to work!!!!!!!