Thursday, July 8, 2010


Are We alive? - I was chatting with one of my Engineering friends sometime back and he suggested this title. So here I am honouring his words and posting a blog on the suggested title.(Delphi Dude this one is your take.)

Mechanical, Robotic, Stagnant, Boring Life - Aren't these the familiar words we hear these days from most of us. Life is so boring. It is just not happening. I am so bored. Blah , blah blah.....

It is so typical of us to go on cribbing about our not so happening life. Each day, we do it without getting bored to crib. Monotony seems to set in firmly, a firm footing in one's life with no looking back. College days were so good. Only money at times used to be a scarce resource , but we had everything else to lean back on. Look at the scenario now. We earn well today, have money, but NO TIME. True ain't it? We longing and fondly look back at our good old times and I guess we skip a beat truly.

We all come to work, five days a week, work mechanically (Excluding the Blessed Artists and the ones who do not have a desk job) and get back again. Is this what we all really want to do?? Is this how it is going to be in future too??

We have actually stopped living. We are mechanical maniacs now and with advanced technology we are breathing and living. But are we actually ALIVE??

Where are the times when we actually sit down, mind you PEACEFULLY with our family & friends and laugh our heart out. Or may be sit down and do something that we are all wanting to from ages. Or may be learn something new that we have always set our eyes on.

But, No, we do not really do anything of that sort. We are all so charged up in this human race to jump along that we have stopped living. Have we ever given a thought on our ART OF LIVING!!

The way we lead or lifes and the way we want to lead are two different things, the sooner one comprehends, the faster the move becomes.

A life with money and nothing else is as good as a cake without icing and cherry, which no doubt is good, but is it good enough??? We are breathing, but does it suffice???

THINK ABOUT IT. A serious thought needs to be given to it - ARE WE ALIVE???