Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Choice to Rise

               All of us would like to rise above in life. Each day is a new start to propel towards a better way to life. But, are we all on the same page is the question we ask ourselves. While some of us like to rise, for some of the others it is the choice to rise. When this choice arises, do we really like to rise is the question to ponder. 
Our ambitions, our goals, our paths are all what we make and choose. Is rising a choice too? In my opinion, it verily is a choice. Only if we want to, can we really do it. Else, it is all a rosy tale to spin. Between choice and chance, rise would be a choice one makes. Only if we choose to, would be want to progress up the ladder. For some of us the ladder stops where we start, while for others, it is not enough even at the top. The quest to urge forward is a great reveller. 
The ladder at the top is most of the times lonely, but the joy we take in reaching there is always lovely. Again, the choice here is either lonely or lonely or both. In life, we always have a choice at every stage and we alone are going to make this choice. With this choice, we would not be able to blame anyone.
Life with all its intricacies, is yet a maze we would like to traverse to see the clear path at the end of it. We either enjoy or we sulk our way through, but the ones who know the art to smile along the path are the ones who really know to crack the code to the right path in life. A path that is right for them only and which will make them rise with a wise choice. 
The Wise Rise it is just that choice to rise.