Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stories on Canvas

I have been sketching for a really long time now, but my appeal towards paint is minimal. But, the fact being, I am a person who loves colors. I have never been able to put any color on canvas and this time I made up my mind that I would paint a story. 

Two canvas boards were bought and now was the humongous task to bring it to life. The Story of my Canvas - A story in every painting!
 I had a white board , few colors, a pastel and a few brushes in front of me. Now with all these equipment, I had to narrate a tale. With each stroke, a block was formed. Lines manifold to form shapes. The myriad of colors on my white canvas had its own story in every block. The different colors, shapes and the angle in which it touched each other was a bright spin of tale. Each block, each color coding and my imagination running on the board, was an alluring way to bring my creative to life. 

Whatever may be my imagination to creation on canvas, there will always be life on a white canvas board. Brought to life with colors, each stroke will come together seamlessly to create a beautiful outcome, an outcome of the artist's visual erudition. 

Now that I have begun this beautiful association with painting, I look forward to continue this newfound love.