Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Movements To Moments

Life is a grace,
Prepare to brace,
Count a second to time,
Summation ought to be fine,
For life is beyond what you infer!!

Life is a journey to a destination,
Follow within yourself the instigation,
Get a strong foothold together,
Clock those moments forever,
For life is beyond what you infer!!!

Life is tying all stray strings,
Inhale the fragrance of fringes,
Bind your thoughts to hold your heart,
Bundle it never to fall apart,
For life is beyond what you infer!!

Life is to reminiscence moments delightful,
Step down on all woes pitiful,
Take a deep breath at each step ahead,
Never fall back to behind,
For life is beyond what you infer!!!

Life is a charmer in an enigmatic way,
Do not be taken away by the calmness at bay,
Still the relentless pursuits,
Bow down to all those who deserve the tributes,
For life is beyond what you infer!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pack of WHAT

It's been a while since I have blogged and all thanks to my buddies who keep reminding me that I need to blog.. So this one is dedicated to all my motivators who keep me going no matter what I blog.... Love you guys all!!!!

As usual, I was running around since my mum and me had to get to my aunt's house for lunch.. I am not a person who takes ages to get going. I am a very quick one at this.... (I so read those smirks forming in...). I was hushing along so that I could rush downstairs...  My mum's tone was so not right , if I didn't get down in two mins.. Yup you got it right, TWO MINS!!! I was nearly hyperventilating thinking how in two minutes, but I just managed to wrap up and go down.. In the meanwhile , I had a text message from my aunt asking for what I thought to be as a packet of cards... I interrupted my mom and told her the same. She gave me the most weird look like I had lost my marbles or something.. Her look was quizzical. I searched a while before I realized I didn't have a pack of cards handy at that point in time. So, I let that matter half way afloat and set off with my mother..

We reached our destination. It was time for lunch and we all sat down for it.. Half way through my aunt asked me the most strangest question, : " Where is the packet of curd?"... Curd, excuse me.. Did I hear it right.. How the hell was I supposed to know where she kept curds.. I was wondering what's wrong with my always sensible aunt today... My mum gave me another you- are - so - dead- kinda - look,... I said I have no idea what you were talking about me.. She replies stating she had sent me a text message.. I said I did receive the message, but the message clearly stated , PACKET OF CARDS!!! 

That is when it dawned on me, it was not PACKET OF CARDS, but PACKET OF CURDS is what the text message meant..

Uffffff... I can be a great interpreter for times to come!!!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Method to Madness

Method to Madness--> MTM.... This is something that I really want to blog about.. Method and Madness, two words which seldom unite to form statement. But when it comes together, it brings a lot of harmony in itself. This statement has always irked me and I candidly want to articulate my thoughts. But when one really thinks about this statement, METHOD TO THE MADNESS, does it strike a thing or kindle one's thoughts, is what I really want to bring forth...

Everything around is sometimes so maddening and annoying that one just wants to run away from it all. Run into such a place that the daily madness is kept at bay, but is it really possible is the million dollar question to ponder. Everyone at sometime or the other wishes for this magical wand to wave and vanish into a no man's land - Just clean blue water, fresh air and lush greenery. In today's maddening world where everyone is racing against time. 

Just one fine day, people wake up to realize that madness is a part and parcel of life, but a method which when inculcated into this madness, would make our lives such a wonderful and peaceful existence. Just a little more organization into doing things, a little more dedication towards chores, a teeny weeny bit more of commitment, can help take that one step more closer to organizing madness. 
But instead all we think is about cribbing all along and making yourself miserable. 

Just spare a minute and think wisely. Wake up to a bright day and kick start a brilliant day. Organization, determination, method, patience, perseverance are those ingredients that one needs to essentially use to make this amazing recipe called MTM.... Believe me, its not easy, but nothing is difficult as well in this world. It is how you see the world through your window. Open your eyes and appreciate the daily madness and indeed then you would realize that there is a method in the madness.......

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mails Vs Male

This indeed must be one of my best punch lines used till date or shall I say the best.. Read on to fig it out...

The first time I met this pocket dynamite was the bestest thing that had happened ever since I entered this world of Corporate Life. I had just joined my new work and was just not happy about it. We used to have office transport and that must have been a saving grace for me to pick up that job. He sat there in formals listening to music. I entered the transport and sat in my last seat. I see this new face sitting there. We didn't speak much but we chatted a while. He asked me about my job profile and I asked about his. He said, he does e mail. Obviously my big mouth had to shoot off and I said, so you do not do any work.... He smiled. We met again everyday for a couple of days while going and coming back from work. I loved this pocket dynamite's sense of humor. It was just over the top. 

It's been lovely 8 months knowing this pocket edition. So I have the liberty to say anything and everything to him. 

The best I have said is this.....

We generally exchange a lot of text messages in a day. One day it so happened that is messages were sporadic and he later told me that he was monitoring also now apart from mails. 

Earlier when his messages would not come I would send him a text.... I know you are busy touching mails but you can send me messages as well...

Now when his messages do not come... Till you start touching mails and become a man eater, you can send me text messages.....


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Claw the Cat

This is something I couldn't resist, hence the blog. 

One fine day, at work, a bunch of us were busily pondering over our super smart thoughts and hungrily debating over a lot of stuff as if there was no end to anything in this world....This is the point in time, I strongly vouch for the Quote - TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH!!!! Our topics digressed like a distressed meandering stream. We started with sports, then went into business and a whole lot of other stuff which is too laborious to pen down too.. Anyways let me not digress to glory and come right back to my point. When we started about sports which tuned into a specific game called - Badminton, my ears went alert and I dived in to take a swim. 

This is one sport which I play religiously and love joining a conversation which circles around it. So there is this colleague of mine who shares the same love for this sport. We both stopped at this topic while the group was intensely jabbering at a million different topics across globe. This colleague of mine has been fondly rechristened to - THE CHINESE CAT!!! Wonder what the thought process behind this was?? Well that is something I would like to park it aside for now. 

So this Chinese Cat and me were debating away about Badminton and eventually the conversation came up to asking me from when was I playing this sport. So I told him from junior school and mastered it in my 11th STD. Now this guy, out of the blue, tells me that he had stopped this sport in class 11. My big mouth shot off and intending no offense blurted out , " No wonder you stopped growing after class 11"!!!!.. There was pin drop silence around me for a min. I just came back silently and sat in my place. My entire team burst out laughing and exploded like miniature mine bombs into fits of laughter...

P.S : This cat apparently is one no one messes with.. Well, me being me, got away Scot free......

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Attitude Vs Attire

Is is true that your attire reflects your personality? I mean how many of us actually believe this is true. Lot of us feel that according to the way we dress, our body language and our traits also change in accordance. It depends from Saree to Jeans.From Kurta to tops. But not all of us actually realise this. I was also one among them who never actually let this thought sink in. Well, now I am a strong believer from the day it dawned on me very strongly. I actually felt it and hence verily vouch for it.

It so happened that on a Thursday, I was really bored to wear formals and landed up wearing Jeans & Tee, and there I went.. I reached office at my usual time which is about 8 in the morning. From 8 I was in no mood to work at all. I just had a funny feeling that it is Friday and had a totally casual feeling. To top it I am telling my colleagues too that Thank God It's Friday ( TGIF). My colleagues had to remind me the entire day that we had to come one more day to work... Just imagine my poor plight. My brain is just not able to reciprocate the signals and comprehend another working day..

That entire went in consoling myself that I have another day to work ........

Hence, I have decided that whenever I feel like being casual, I will wear Jeans and Tee to work!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Love is a path

Feel in the breeze,

Makes my vein freeze,

Chill in the spine,

Makes me whine,

Is this love???

The tress sway,

Which makes my way,

The path is set,

With a grit in my chest,

Is this love??

The smile a way,

The tides at bay,

The unstoppable zeal,

Will make all wounds heal,

Is this love??

The path is right,

Future seems bright,

Life is a test,

Rest is at its best,

This is love,

Indeed this is love!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The first time I met this guy was during a Job Interview. It so happened ( fortunately or unfortunately) that we both had our interview on the same day and at the same time. We just had a casual chat and attended our interviews. I finished mine and got selected immediately. Curiosity got the better out of me and I decided to check on what happened to this guy's interview. He came out and told me that he had one more round. We exchanged our mobile numbers and parted ways.
Little did I know that we would be joining as Team mates.

A few days passed and I walked in for my first day at work. Arranged in a huge conference room , neatly placed on the table was our name cards and notepads. I was so impressed that I just couldn't help feeling proud to have come on board this IT Giant. As I settled down, I saw this familiar name - ABHISHEK PRATAP SINGH.....I was so happy seeing this name that I waited for this guy to join in. But knowing by the standards , he never turned up. I called him up only to realise that he will join Training with the next batch....Anyways I knew I had my first friend in this gigantic flow of people.

We finished our respective training and started our job. This journey continued and its been close to 2 years knowing this FATSO and he is one of my bestest colleague who turned into ma closest pal.

Now comes the real part of the tale. We used to have something called talk time with our clients and we had to maintain about 3 hours a day , undersatnding their business, requirements and infrastructure. It used to be a real pain yanking for 3 hours with them. (Anyone from the same industry will vouch for it).

This Fatso of mine had kind of given up on. He used to talk non stop, but on his SAMSUNG 5 MEGAPIXEL TOUCH PHONE, lest did he know that it didn't count. His manager called him because of his humungous achievement of a TOTAL TALK TIME of 5  FULL MINUTES.....This great guy's reaction, "I am not sure so to who and how has done that 5 minutes even.......".....!!!!!!

Need I say more as to why we hit it off from DAY1........

( Ladoo.. Awaiting your comments EAGERLY.....)

Monday, April 9, 2012


All in a minute's time... Well this line is indeed very true to one of my colleagues, who all the time seems like she is running out of time. This is one such incident which displays her un - thought moves.

This lady needed water bottle in her cubicle. A couple of days back she had spoken to an admin head and she had informed that she will get it. Now after a few days, it dawned on her to follow up.

In a hurry as she always is, stomped into some room, assuming that she is right. After about 5 mins, she comes out in fits of laughter...

Now this is the scene that has taken place inside,

Hurry Lady, : Sir, In 3rd floor we need water bottles. Nobody has kept bottles in there and I have been follwoing up from days.. ???? ( She would have spoken without even thinking for a fraction of a second...)

Guy Inside: Maam, I am extremely sorry, but I am not the person incharge of WATER BOTTLES here!!!!!!

Highly embarassed to the core, she walks out.........

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A silent smile,

A silent stare,

Even before the care,

How is it??

A silent whine,

A sturdy pine,

Even before the shine,

How is it??

A silent hope,

A stalwart cope,

Even before the lope,

How is it??

A silent pray,

A powerful ray,

Even before the stray,

How is it??

A silent wish,

A compelling twist,

Even before the opaque mist,

How is it??

A silent road,

A deterministic strode,

Even the path glowed,

This is it indeed........

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There was this really hilarious incident that took place a while at work. It was interesting enough for me to write about. Anyways, it's been a while since I posted prose since I was at my poetry peak.

Let me keep the names undisclosed in order to hide the identity else they would be really burning with rage.

Let's call the first person , Professor and the second one, Stumpy.

Here begins the exact happenings,

In the conference room, the projector was swtiched on . Once people left the room, Professor walks out last and before he heads out, he comes upto Stumpy and says, " Can you please switch off the projector"???

I was standing right there (And people who know me will vouch for my razor sharp tongue), I was zapped when I heard the above statement. I shot out to Professor, Of all the people you had to ask stumpy to swicth off the projector...

My entire team burst out laughing.. We were in fits of laughter..

Now let me narrate as to why the team burst out into fits... Professor is barely 5 feet tall and STUMPY IS 2 Inches shorter than Professor......

I'm sure I need not elucidate it any further.............

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What does it take to remain as is it,

For is there an irony insignia,

Know not the ways of labyrinth,

On and on goes on a vicious circle!!

On and on goes a vicious circle,

No start, no end to the circumference,

A small patch of disheartenment,

Grows into a pasture with time bygone!!

Grows into a pasture with time bygone,

But the very color seems faded,

Disillusionment sets in concretely,

For everything beyond is an opaque pull up!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The old time charm,

This was never meant to harm,

The cheer to warm,

Blissful console in the pram!!

The silent peak in the dark,

Those chinese whispers in the park,

The sound of the lark,

Charmed in a way of a deep mark!!

Embossed with golden memories to start,

Begins a new journey towards the heart,

For ways of expressing love is an art,

Know not the taboo called part!!


The feeling of being lonely,
The fear of an unknown entity,
The heart wrenching spin outs,
The silent whines and sighs,
The mind is severly blocked!!

Long days ahead,
No dear ones to caress and cajole,
Springs of serenity oozing out,
Unbearable calmness throughout,
The mind is severely blocked!!

Without the touch of magic,
The pillar of her strength thrown apart,
The sigh of relief washed away,
The bundle of joy is a taboo,
The mind is severely blocked!!

The days don't sail ahead,
The everlasting zeal tampered off,
Silently she sits weeping,
Loneliness soaring till eternity,
The mind is indeed severely blocked!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

One life to Live

The faith should never trod over,
Ecstasy is the halo to hover,
Make adulation the cover,
For, it's one life to live!!

Make the circumference around a cheer,
Let there be no fear,
Shrieks of joys be the hear,
For, it's one life to live!!

Piousness of belief be set,
Tears of remorse will not wet,
No near anguishes to fret,
For, it's one life to love to live!!


The zeal in life has no bounds,

On and off it goes about in rounds,

Piling on in pounds!!

The joy in life is umpteen,

Fills in every teen,

No worry about sheen!!

The emotions are sky high,

Here and there a silent sigh,

Forlornness will never spy!!

Let zenith be the pitch for your aim,

Verily spin out the fame,

Let all your moves be fair in the game!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


All along this line,
None are allowed to whine,
Only rays of hope shine,
Everything around is nice and fine!!

The happy flutter of heart,
Inspirations and aspirations never to part,
All bubbles of joy form tiny warts,
Unknown of every form of thwart!!

Bring in from within the best,
Endeavour every form of test,
Move ahead of every obstacle 'pest,
God indeed will take care of the rest!!!


Do I really need love,

Or is it a longing from within,

So strong is the force,

That loneliness creeps in,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Do I really need love,
Or is is the herd mentality at bay,

The longing to be someone's,

For that is the happiness way,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Do I really need love,

Or is it the mirage formed so deep,

The sheer joy of togetherness,

Lest know not the tears to weep,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Do I really need love,

Or can life move on without D One,

The very thought, though doesn't seems glorious,

But the carved burden weighs a ton,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The deep blue sea,
The rigorous lashing of the waves,
The swaying of the tress,
The rising of the tides,
The serenity enwrapping the eerie silence!!

The jagged sharp rocks,
The shiny shimmering sand,
The imprints of feet,
The trodden path,
The enigmatic pictureseque scenery all around!!

Lone sits a girl,
So lost in her thoughts,
Pondering to embark a new journey,
To be the architect of her own future,
The humungous mountains to shield the circumference!!!

Ahead lies her new life,
Waiting to embrace her from within,
Stretching its arms so wide,
Ready to wipe away blues,
To kickstart the new Me in her!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The long restless strides across,

The crazy internal fluttering,

Lest did she realise,

The galloping thoughts,

The mundane long days,

Lest did she realise,

The chasing mind,

The sleepless nights,

Lest did she realise,

The silent remorse days,

The hyper ventilating ways,

Lest did he realise,

The precarious rumbling of words,

The unstable pillar of strength,

Lest did he realise,

The lifeless soul,

The deflated grey matter,

Lest did he realise,

No words to weave their love,

Alas!! to be or not to be.....


The very first sight,

Filled my heart with immense light,

But i knew not the far end,

Filled with curves and bends,

But I just wished it was right!!

Every waking turn was a dream,

Bringing on a gleam beam,

The flutter in my heart,

Was an supposedly assurance never to part,

But I just wished it was right!!

Life just moves on,

Without an estimated warn,

Leaving behind a tiny trace,

Filling memories with utter grace,

But I just wished it was right!!

It is a journey to learn,

At times you just yearn,

To set the path right,

Which trails behind no wrath,

But I just wished it was right!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I happened to come across this statement, "IF ITS FORVER, ITS LOVE"!!!!! I was so impressed with this line that I decided to post a blog on this topic..

How many of us crave to find LOVE, forget about TRUE LOVE?? Most of us are in this pursuit of happiness which eventually leads to finding that ONE Person for whom you go bonkers... I mean real bonkers in true sense of love. That one person for whom you are willing to do anything, goto any extent to see a smile on their face, with whom you wanna spend the rest of your life, want to spend every waking minute with that person and every sleeping minute staring at that person, the one who washes away your blues, who makes you feel special and wanted, who kisses your tears and what not.. I mean the list just is endless... Love has that power I guess....

Every person who falls in love, prays with a pious mind and soul so as to get the person with whom they are in love to be theirs forever...Isn't is true that LOVE HAS TO BE FOREVER, be it any form....There is a saying,

The Day You Decide to Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Someone, You Want That Rest Of Your Life To Start As Soon As Possible!!!!

Love makes your knees go weak, heart flutters with joy, eyes moisten with happiness, brain becomes dysfunctional etc... The power of love is such that they anyone can get infected with it, but only if you are able to find that ONE PERSON with whom you can spend the rest of your life with.....

So, I do not know how true it is, but in every sense I agree, IF ITS FOREVER, IT HAS TO BE LOVE !!!!!!


College days or should I say STUDENT DAYS indeed are the most blissful days in one's life. Those carefree days ahead of us, which then seemed so long, with hardly any brain strain, the little pocket money that used to suffice both our needs and wants, those long hours of gossip sessions, share of heart breaks and aches, practical record writing sessions, snatching and sharing the yummy tit bits, music in the ear on the 50 - 50 ear plug sharing basis, strolling in the college campus like it was our own garden, internet chatting, those tiny crushes, admiring each other's new stuff, be it clothes, bags, jewelry, footwear etc... The list is endless..

Those were the days when one used to really LIVE LIFE to its fullest...The tiny tensions used to be only regarding internal marks, or one friend racing against another for marks, or much money to spend on PHOTOCOPYING (An Engineering Student's college life is incomplete without photocoyping..), which all text books to use,or how to propose the one without whom one couldn't continue living life ( Mind you after living life for close to 17 - 18 years..)..... Back then we used to think that these were head breaking chores, and used to fret our lives out pondering over such teeny - weenie problems..

Now when we look back, we verily realise that they were never real problems. PROFESSIONAL LIVE is the big "P" in one's life most of the times.. ( Pardon me all ya' blessed goats..) . The deadlines, work pressure, the brain drain strain, boss acting mad, I mean WHAT NOT or WHAT NOW......

But just see the Irony of life,.. When we were in School, we used to hear our seniors stating that, STUDENT LIFE IS THE MOST GOLDEN LIFE... But little did we know that this statement was absolutely true.. We were in such a hurry to get into college, that we used to count days to pass out from school and start our new bold college venture....When in college, we couldn't wait to start working and earning BIG BUCKS...

To ponder over, Human Mentality is such that we forget to enjoy the present since we are so busy fanatsizing about our future that we just can't wait to get there and when we get there we are in such a hurry to move into our next states...

All we need to do is pause oursleves in the present and learn to savor it beacuse eitherwise whether we like it or not , we will eventually move into our next stage of life!!!!!!