Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Claw the Cat

This is something I couldn't resist, hence the blog. 

One fine day, at work, a bunch of us were busily pondering over our super smart thoughts and hungrily debating over a lot of stuff as if there was no end to anything in this world....This is the point in time, I strongly vouch for the Quote - TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH!!!! Our topics digressed like a distressed meandering stream. We started with sports, then went into business and a whole lot of other stuff which is too laborious to pen down too.. Anyways let me not digress to glory and come right back to my point. When we started about sports which tuned into a specific game called - Badminton, my ears went alert and I dived in to take a swim. 

This is one sport which I play religiously and love joining a conversation which circles around it. So there is this colleague of mine who shares the same love for this sport. We both stopped at this topic while the group was intensely jabbering at a million different topics across globe. This colleague of mine has been fondly rechristened to - THE CHINESE CAT!!! Wonder what the thought process behind this was?? Well that is something I would like to park it aside for now. 

So this Chinese Cat and me were debating away about Badminton and eventually the conversation came up to asking me from when was I playing this sport. So I told him from junior school and mastered it in my 11th STD. Now this guy, out of the blue, tells me that he had stopped this sport in class 11. My big mouth shot off and intending no offense blurted out , " No wonder you stopped growing after class 11"!!!!.. There was pin drop silence around me for a min. I just came back silently and sat in my place. My entire team burst out laughing and exploded like miniature mine bombs into fits of laughter...

P.S : This cat apparently is one no one messes with.. Well, me being me, got away Scot free......