Monday, May 15, 2017

The Land of Tulips

Flowers have always intrigued me since my childhood. Be it the plethora of colors or the variety, flowers always bring out the serene side of me in its midst. Having said this, how could I miss the Tulip Festival. Chance less!

So, the day the Tulip festival started, I was there, surrounded by the beautiful tulips around me in superfluity of colors. Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Violet, the sight all around was colorful. And, to see such alluring surroundings, was a joy in itself. Everywhere around, we were encompassed by these spell binding beauties. A walk among the tulips was the most captivating few steps taken in a long long time. 

The most interesting was to see the working windmill in the midst of tulips. I have never seen a windmill ever, forget up close and inside. This windmill made wheat flour and the tour up five floors was an experience in itself. 

Tulips have fascinated me so much, this summer I intend to grow them in my backyard. But my backyard stories will be for another time.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Nail Art

My fascination for growing nails started right out of school, I just couldn't wait to graduate to start school, just so that I could grow my nails, file them in perfect shape and color them my way. Trust me when I say, I have been known as the Long Nails Girl and that name has stuck on. 

Right from those initial days up until today, the most unique aspect to my proclivity has been growing nails in only my Left Hand, I never have been able to grow my right hand nails and they just refuse to co-operate. So, it is just one hand and how I absolutely love painting them in different patterns and colors. 

Back then, my nails used to grow really long and last and they would hardly break. But, by chance, a nail broke, I used to weep profusely. Boy, weep isn't the right word to describe my outburst. And, that broken nail used to be treasured with utmost care. But now, neither does my nail grow so long nor does it want to last long. The only common factor from the beginning to today has been the fact that I still change my nail paint once in three or four days. I love designing my nails and I always keep them neat. And, when one breaks, I let the other nails be. And yes, I do not weep anymore over a broken nail. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shine On Sunshine

How does it feel to live in a place, where the sun hardly shines? Dull,gloomy, gray, lackluster and what not. Words fall short.
The rising sun brings in so much happiness, hope, avidity, excitement and a new day to begin. There is a jump in your step with rays of sunshine. There is color, fervor and glimmer around. 
But, if you have to crave for sunshine, its a different story altogether. The few times the sun decides to do a favor, all you can do is quickly soak up the sun in whatever ways possible. Even the sun may feel appalled, but so be it. 
Not all are privileged to see sun shine every morning. There are days when the sun refuses to ascend and we are left in pile of gloomy days. 
So the next time, sun rises, get out, soak it up and enjoy the beautiful rays without having to fret about tanning, because you know somewhere int he world, people are yearning for the sun to show some clemency. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stories on Canvas

I have been sketching for a really long time now, but my appeal towards paint is minimal. But, the fact being, I am a person who loves colors. I have never been able to put any color on canvas and this time I made up my mind that I would paint a story. 

Two canvas boards were bought and now was the humongous task to bring it to life. The Story of my Canvas - A story in every painting!
 I had a white board , few colors, a pastel and a few brushes in front of me. Now with all these equipment, I had to narrate a tale. With each stroke, a block was formed. Lines manifold to form shapes. The myriad of colors on my white canvas had its own story in every block. The different colors, shapes and the angle in which it touched each other was a bright spin of tale. Each block, each color coding and my imagination running on the board, was an alluring way to bring my creative to life. 

Whatever may be my imagination to creation on canvas, there will always be life on a white canvas board. Brought to life with colors, each stroke will come together seamlessly to create a beautiful outcome, an outcome of the artist's visual erudition. 

Now that I have begun this beautiful association with painting, I look forward to continue this newfound love. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deep Penchant for Chick Lits

Chick Lits - These two words just light up the bulbs in my reading area. For being a voracious one, chick flicks have become an inseparable part of my reading life. There are a list of authors whom I have come to like dearly and to name a few,

1. Sophie Kensella
2. Jennifer Weiner
3. Candace Bushnell
4. Emily Giffin
5. Adele Parks
6. Helen Fieldling
7. Lauren Weisberger

I get so involved in walking down these books, that I wear the hat of my favorite character and cruise along. The humor, the wit and the all the countless expressions makes me reel with happiness. Page after page the joy I acquire is immense. The more I read, the more I want to read. And, someday I hope to become too, after all, Hope is a Waking Dream!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Friends are for Life

Friends - This seven letter word is very powerful. All of us have our set of friends we cherish. The penchant for friendship we share is a bond unbreakable. 

The Seven:

F: Fight, but stay.
R: Rage, but prevail peace.
I: Impart, but with ease.
E: Elevate, but be rooted.
N: Notice, but speak up. 
D: Diverge, but emerge together.
S: Shine, but sparkle too. 

Which ever stage of life we are in, always treasure the friends who have come along to be a part of your journey. They make our journey even more memorable.