Sunday, August 23, 2009


I feel its just a moment ago that I bumped back into you at my aunt's house. Though our re-union happened after a shortttttttttttttttttttttt gap. (Pun Intended).
Anyways we spoke casually for a while & I asked him if he were in Orkut. He said yes and that was it. I came to office the next day and there I see a friend's request from my brother. Man , ain't I glad to have such a prompt bro. Indeed I am really gald.
Then I sent him a forwarded mail. He messaged his cell no. and from then there was no looking back. Both us would message each other non-stop. Chat the entire day. It felt brilliant to have found back a bro like this. Days just flew by and the time spent was awesome. We have managed to pull a prank too on my pals. (I'm sure my bro knows what I'm refering to....). Our Raksha Bandhan celebration at CCD.
Soon it was time for him to fly back...

P.S: Bro I'm sure you will read this. This is just to say I have spent an awesome time with you. Will be waiting to catch up again when you come back "BROEY"!!!