Monday, February 1, 2010


Today indeed a great day ---- Yes, it's my BIRTHDAY!!!! For Me, it's a special day.....
A day I wait for an entire year, ONE WHOLE YEAR......
Today, finally the day has arrived... FEB 2nd, I just love this date...
As usual I was flooded with calls from morning....Sms all the way...Since it's a working day, I was rushing to office....

I reached office and and I need to use the biometric to enter. As usual I used it and instead of displaying my name.............The display was HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Well, that was such a simple gesture, but the sweetest I have come across. Indeed a beautiful gestures on your DAY!!!!


This blog is dedicated to PADDY, for making me post yet another blog.

Paddy (I'm sure if you've read my previous blog, you'll know this guy) and myself usually chat a wee bit from office so as take a break from work. We chat or call once a while at work.
On 29th, Jan as well we were chatting for sometime. Post lunch session and Friday afternoon, now I'm sure most of you'll agree that the mood swings are high, but not to work but to party out.

Paddy on Friday was out for a Team lunch and didn't come back until 3 in the afternoon. Then he came around 3:30 and pinged me. After a while he stopped again. So I tried giving him a call, but he didn't receiver my call. I thought he must be busy with work and I got busy too.(It was one of my close colleague's last working day).

After a while I got a call from Paddy. I as usual picked it up with high enthu (Usual HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PADDYYYYYYYYYYYYY which continues for at least a min ---poor guy)
I did the same, but the response I got from the other end was very different. Here it goes,

Other Side: Hello
Me: Kya hua Paddy (What happened Paddy?)
Other side: Hi, this is Prasad here..
Me: Oh hooo.....(I look at my phone, it shows Paddy, now what the hell happened)
This is Prabhat's (Paddy's forgotten real name to me) number.
Other side: Ma'am he has left his phone in the meeting room and gone.
Me: Oh okie. He is.......(I tell him in which domain he works)
Other side: I will return it back Ma'am. Thank you so much
Me: That's ok.

And he hangs up.

Now my great pal PADDY in the mean while is pinging me and totally unaware about his lost phone.
Fianlly he got his phone back and ALL THANKS TO ME!!!

P.S: Paddy I'm sure you'll agree.... right???