Thursday, June 3, 2010


SAMSUNG CORBY - This is the Story!!!

The very name makes me write a new blog and this is something that I don't want to miss writing.

In my team two of us have Samsung Corby mobile phones, of different versions. Now there is this third person, whom we call "Stomach Brain". This Stomach Brain wanted to buy a new phone so he started his R&D at a faster pace than his actual work load at office. Even after three days of exhaustive coverage, he still seemed confused and zapped like never before. Anyways, we guys too gave our well - needed - opinion. Opining is something, everyone wants to do whether asked for or never asked for. Opinion each of us love doing. In this case too, we gave our opinions. Well, finally after a lot of nerve racking and brain storming sessions, Stomach Brain finally zeroed down on Samsung Corby Pro. (With external help from his other resourcses apart from his internal pillars of strenght!!!)

Well, that's not what the intent of my blog was. Stomach Brain had even readied the amount required and waited in great anticipation for the D - Day to arrive ( Or should I say D - Evening).
With all enthusiam, he went to purchase only to be disappointed that there was no stock.

Scenario the next day in office,

A Samsung Corby Pro has become his desktop screen saver!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!! Evn today, after almost a week, Stomach Brain is still waiting to pick his phone which has finally arrived somewhere!!!!

Need I say more........