Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There was this really hilarious incident that took place a while at work. It was interesting enough for me to write about. Anyways, it's been a while since I posted prose since I was at my poetry peak.

Let me keep the names undisclosed in order to hide the identity else they would be really burning with rage.

Let's call the first person , Professor and the second one, Stumpy.

Here begins the exact happenings,

In the conference room, the projector was swtiched on . Once people left the room, Professor walks out last and before he heads out, he comes upto Stumpy and says, " Can you please switch off the projector"???

I was standing right there (And people who know me will vouch for my razor sharp tongue), I was zapped when I heard the above statement. I shot out to Professor, Of all the people you had to ask stumpy to swicth off the projector...

My entire team burst out laughing.. We were in fits of laughter..

Now let me narrate as to why the team burst out into fits... Professor is barely 5 feet tall and STUMPY IS 2 Inches shorter than Professor......

I'm sure I need not elucidate it any further.............