Thursday, June 16, 2011

Delhi Main Hain Jaan Indeed

Delhi - What comes into my mind when I think of this city - Just one word WHISKY.

Whisky - My dearest and bestest pal who moved into Delhi from Bangalore.

Nov. 16th 2010 - Dreaded day in my life, the day Whisky was leaving the city once and for all to settle amongst dilwaale in Delhi. I cannot let the feeling sink in even today that Whisky isn't here and has moved out.

Some people just walk into your life and leave that impression that will last a lifetime. Whisky is one such who has left that ever lasting impression in life.

The days spent with my dearest pal where just the best for days to come.

Delhi - This is one place given a chance I would like to settle just to paint the city red with Whisky.