Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shine On Sunshine

How does it feel to live in a place, where the sun hardly shines? Dull,gloomy, gray, lackluster and what not. Words fall short.
The rising sun brings in so much happiness, hope, avidity, excitement and a new day to begin. There is a jump in your step with rays of sunshine. There is color, fervor and glimmer around. 
But, if you have to crave for sunshine, its a different story altogether. The few times the sun decides to do a favor, all you can do is quickly soak up the sun in whatever ways possible. Even the sun may feel appalled, but so be it. 
Not all are privileged to see sun shine every morning. There are days when the sun refuses to ascend and we are left in pile of gloomy days. 
So the next time, sun rises, get out, soak it up and enjoy the beautiful rays without having to fret about tanning, because you know somewhere int he world, people are yearning for the sun to show some clemency.