Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bubble Bursts

There come a few days when you are drowned in work and anything in the form of relief is welcome heartily. The most trivial break is joyous. One such afternoon, I was lost in a pile of never ending work. Looking forward to a small opening, I came across a bubble wrap.

The joy of holding a bubble wrap in between my hands and slowly, yet steadily trying to burst each bubble. My God! The felicity is to be experienced only. For a few utterly lazy minutes, I relished this time. Each bubble that  burst, I felt my spirits awakening a little more. The smile on my face seemed to get more curvier. The sparkle in my eyes felt more bright. 

Having had this teeny weeny intervention, life felt back on track. The pile of work in front of me seemed to beckon and I felt like a bull with immense zeal, ready to take on work head on. It is at these times that we realise, happiness does knock in small wonders. A thought that we can all ponder!!