Wednesday, July 7, 2010


GOMBAZ!!! - Does this acronym ring a bell or a gong... I am sure it does to a few who are all ears. Well, to the ones it doesn't, let me decode the word. GOMBAZ means Grossly Overpaid MBA's. Some would agree to agree and some would agree to disagree. Don't you think that MBA grads, indeed, are paid well these days with exceptions. Elite MBA's from top notch B - Schools definitely are OVERPAID, but not to miss the MBA's who missed to join C or D schools too.

Now, when these fresh, young or not - so - young grads pass out of MBA's, with big dreams and great ideas join companies and COME ON BOARD, at times something begins to vapourize. The great offerings made to woo a candidature, or the stars literally shown during day light, just fades away like words on a board, when you come on board. ( Not all cases, but it does happen to a few LUCKY CHOSEN ONES!!) Things don't sync well and things begin to get distorted.

Distorted vision is not accepted, hence young minds start meandering in search of jobs that real get them going. Some have a few months gap, or a few months in one company and then the switch happens. But, how well are these short switches accepted by the Human's out there?? That is exactly the answer that needs to be well crafted and presented. Do they really undersatnd when one says that the previous job wasn't satisfying or it was not what I was looking at? Haven't we heard somewhere, MBA's are known for job hopping!!!

CONSISTENCY - That is the word mostly used when MBA's change or hop jobs. Well, there will be reasoning done both ways, but just beacuse jobs are hopped at times, it doesn't mean there is serious lacking or deficiency.

Jobs anyways are at loss but along with it words are also at loss at times??? Don't you all agree.....