Sunday, September 18, 2011


All of a sudden, the entire world ahead comes to a stand still. Nothing ahead to look for. Where did all the happiness vanish and the entire life style to a big stand still. Every morning, a new day hoping to bring something new, but nothing yet has happened like that. When will the sun shine anew and bring anew day.

Sometimes, life brings such unexpected twists and turns, that just catches one so unaware. You totally wouldn't expect and know not how to react to such queasy situations. But why and how do such ruse happen to certain individuals..... Well, none would seem to have an answer...

I sometimes sit down and ponder over. Certain individuals face such terrible situations and are so shell shocked to the peak. Some get over the same at a fast pace while some want to dwell in their misery. God should give one the courage to withstand such temporary back falls, but the situations are so harsh to withstand.....Harsh isn't the word...

One should always know that neither happiness nor troubles are permanent in life. They are like the waves that rise and fall in leaps.But why is it so hard to take problems at your stride and so easy to welcome happiness.

Always remember, this was told by my Physics Prof in college that, "PROBLEMS ARE A SOLUTION IN DISGUISE"!!!!