Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is why I guess some friends just say for life. Lots of people come and go.
There is a very apt saying,


Isn't it really true in every sense. This blog indeed will touch aa lot of hearts who have friends close to their heart.

Years back I had given my best friend a tiny souvenir for her to keep.
It was a tiny thing, but filled with feelings to the fullest.

Years later, I happened to goto my friends house for the first time, post wedding. And to my joy, that tiny souvenir was still there with her. My joys knew no bounds when I saw that....

P.S : Ani, indeed we are best friends for life. Thanks for being in my life..... This blog is dedicated to you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Mouth Continues

I am sure you guys would have read my previous blog that I had written a while ago about big mouth shooting off. Here is another of the same kind, but the only diff is Ramya is replaced with my Kutty.

Kutty I am sure you will know it when you read my blog...

Each day at work, we are supposed to give a commit in the morning about how much we will download by evening and God bless us if we de - commit, surely HELL WILL FALL ON US!! ( My colleagues will vouch for this best said phrase).

The most dreaded days at work are FRIDAYS, Freaky Fridays absolutely. This happened on such dreadful day. Kutty came out of the huddle along with the team. We were having our floor updates and all of us had gathered for the same. Kutty came out and stood next to us. She was frustrated to the peak and she started cursing our manager. She was in full swing and we were all laughing away heartliy.

Her dialogue was like this, Who cares if I de - commit? I am going to happily de - commit and let's see what happens.....

Laughter suddenly stopped and to our utter shock we realised our manager is standing right in front of us.....

The rest can be understood right???????

P.S : Kutty this one is for our friendship for times to come.....

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In the world of Cricket, there are still a few specimens who are hopelessly clueless about CRICKET. This is all about one such God's creation. From the young to the old, Cricket is loved by all. Everyone cherishes this game. But this friend of mine, is still naive and naive to its nascent stage. He happened to watch the finals of WORLD CUP. Here is what he had to say. He calls up another friend of mine to tell him about the Victorious treat. And this is what he had to say, " Man Sachin And Ganguly played the match so well"... Indeed Ganguly was so amazing on the field..... Do I need to elucidate it more.. One can imagine indeed his love for Cricket!!!!!