Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Love is a path

Feel in the breeze,

Makes my vein freeze,

Chill in the spine,

Makes me whine,

Is this love???

The tress sway,

Which makes my way,

The path is set,

With a grit in my chest,

Is this love??

The smile a way,

The tides at bay,

The unstoppable zeal,

Will make all wounds heal,

Is this love??

The path is right,

Future seems bright,

Life is a test,

Rest is at its best,

This is love,

Indeed this is love!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The first time I met this guy was during a Job Interview. It so happened ( fortunately or unfortunately) that we both had our interview on the same day and at the same time. We just had a casual chat and attended our interviews. I finished mine and got selected immediately. Curiosity got the better out of me and I decided to check on what happened to this guy's interview. He came out and told me that he had one more round. We exchanged our mobile numbers and parted ways.
Little did I know that we would be joining as Team mates.

A few days passed and I walked in for my first day at work. Arranged in a huge conference room , neatly placed on the table was our name cards and notepads. I was so impressed that I just couldn't help feeling proud to have come on board this IT Giant. As I settled down, I saw this familiar name - ABHISHEK PRATAP SINGH.....I was so happy seeing this name that I waited for this guy to join in. But knowing by the standards , he never turned up. I called him up only to realise that he will join Training with the next batch....Anyways I knew I had my first friend in this gigantic flow of people.

We finished our respective training and started our job. This journey continued and its been close to 2 years knowing this FATSO and he is one of my bestest colleague who turned into ma closest pal.

Now comes the real part of the tale. We used to have something called talk time with our clients and we had to maintain about 3 hours a day , undersatnding their business, requirements and infrastructure. It used to be a real pain yanking for 3 hours with them. (Anyone from the same industry will vouch for it).

This Fatso of mine had kind of given up on. He used to talk non stop, but on his SAMSUNG 5 MEGAPIXEL TOUCH PHONE, lest did he know that it didn't count. His manager called him because of his humungous achievement of a TOTAL TALK TIME of 5  FULL MINUTES.....This great guy's reaction, "I am not sure so to who and how has done that 5 minutes even.......".....!!!!!!

Need I say more as to why we hit it off from DAY1........

( Ladoo.. Awaiting your comments EAGERLY.....)