Friday, October 14, 2011


THERE IS NO WAY TO HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS IS THE ONLY WAY.... This was said by someone super special once and it is embossed in my brain for life.

So many of us forget that happiness need not be looked outside, it can brought out from within. This may need a little extra effort, going that extra mile kinds. But honestly, how many of us really feel happy from within. We crib, we whine, we cry, we mock, scoff, jeer, tease etc, but are never truly happy. The most silliest reasons can put us off. Even though we have everything, we still want that something we have no clue about. But, we try harder for the same.

It's such an irony in life that we never are happy and contented with what we have. We always want what we don't have. In this caos, we miss out on the joys of our lives.

This tiny piece of blog is for my whisky, which is going to bring a smile on someon's face...