Friday, March 24, 2017

I Remember

I  remember all those growing up years when my mother used to come pick me up from school. Each day she used to be there much earlier than my final bell waiting for me. For some reason, if I got a little late, I would see my friends would be crowding near her and chatting. She definitely was way more popular than me among my friends. 

Now, when I look back fondly, I do not know how fast all those years have sped by me. Those innocent school days with not a worry in the world, so carefree and radiantly happy. I remember, during rainy season, for some strange reason, I used to love splashing water by jumping into the stagnant water puddles. We used to have competitions as to who splashes water the farthest. The walks with my mother under the umbrella, talking about all that happened during my day while never missing an opportunity to jump into every single puddle of rain water. 

All my school years, my mother relentlessly have come every single day to pick me up. The most fantastic growing years of my life and best school days ever. 

I wish I could go back in time and re live all those days, but then I think, if we all kept going back in time, then what fun is there to living life and plan all that we do about a Distant & Unknown Future.