Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lost in Wordland

Each time I pick up a book, I am like a little girl with a candy in her hand. The gleam is beyond words. Mind you, I am not someone who reads seldom. I am a voracious reader and I do a lot of authors books. But each time, I land myself a new book, its a treat I look forward too. With me, it is not the ending that I drives me to read, but the relentless curiosity of how the journey is described till its end. 

I am lost among words. At times, I am so wound up that I do not know what is happening me at all. I, don the various hats of the splendid characters and meander the paths with them. My imagination reaches a notch above the highest during my otherwise otherside. When I start a book, I find it arduous to put it back till I am done. 

Books have always left me intriguing and the with each passing year this tantalizing habit only climbs higher up. Up, Up, and up above. Not once have I left a page unturned in between. I never will have any inkling till the last as to what will happen and that leaves me utterly puzzled each time. 

When I wrap up a book, my zest to pick up one is almost immediate. I again want to transported into this magical world of books and yet again begin a new journey with an untried imagination. These voyages into the wordland, as I fondly call it, are the most treasured ones. The best that happens ever. 

Can't wait to enclose my present journey, to begin yet another delightful one!!  A lifelong cruise in this land of words.