Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Almost all my friends hate this habit in me of wearing heels. My shoes, sandals, boots etc are never flat. I love wearing heels added to the fact that by all normal Indian women height, I still am considered TALL. Heels gives me that extra leverage to tower over people.

Anyways, I usually wear heels to work too. One day, I was supposed had work, so had taken leave and had go. I was running late, so was hurrying to reach the place. I managed to reach that place after a lot of difficulty and in time.

I finished my work and was hurrying back as it was getting late and it was beginning to pour too. One side of the road was dug for Namma Metro Work and it was blocked the other way. I was walking in one corner and after I walked a while it was filled with slush. No choice, I had to walk through it. I put my feet in it and walked out, only to realize that my shoe heel has got stuck in the slush and has come out!!!

Now what luck, in the middle of nowhere, one shoe has high heels, the other has no heels....I was so pleased with my plight. Just imagine, I was yet to head back home.

I have to mention this ad I had seen sometime back. This girl's heel comes out from her shoe. she pops a gum into her mouth, sits on the bench in the park and removes the other heel and chucks it into the bin and walks away!!!

Well, I did try too, but my heel didn't budge.....So the rest goes unsaid....

Friday, July 9, 2010



PAUL - Psychic - WONDERPUS aren't all these names familiar to the SOCCER FANS - FIFA World cup 2010.

An OCTOPUS - 2 eyes, 4 paris of arms but highly INTELLIGENT INVERTEBRATES. How many of us really like these creatures?? Not many right... We find them so ugly and gross. Probably the very sight of them is so repulsive that it makes one feel nauseated.

Times changes, likes and dislikes changes too. Doesn't it??? I guess the FIFA World Cup 2010 changed it all for OCTOPUS. Isn't it something so wonderful about this particular Invertebrate - PAUL?? I wonder how he does it so brilliantly and almost accurately. He sits so innocently in between the 2 tables which are covered with the particular countries flags and strategically shows his final verdict. Food placed on both tables and he rightly chooses which food to pick to make the country hungry to want more (Winning is an unquenchable hunger!!!).

He almost manages to be correct 9 out of 10 times. How does he really manage that?? A thought to ponder over actually. Whatever he does, HATS OFF to this little , young creature perched on the table top and giving his final verdict.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Are We alive? - I was chatting with one of my Engineering friends sometime back and he suggested this title. So here I am honouring his words and posting a blog on the suggested title.(Delphi Dude this one is your take.)

Mechanical, Robotic, Stagnant, Boring Life - Aren't these the familiar words we hear these days from most of us. Life is so boring. It is just not happening. I am so bored. Blah , blah blah.....

It is so typical of us to go on cribbing about our not so happening life. Each day, we do it without getting bored to crib. Monotony seems to set in firmly, a firm footing in one's life with no looking back. College days were so good. Only money at times used to be a scarce resource , but we had everything else to lean back on. Look at the scenario now. We earn well today, have money, but NO TIME. True ain't it? We longing and fondly look back at our good old times and I guess we skip a beat truly.

We all come to work, five days a week, work mechanically (Excluding the Blessed Artists and the ones who do not have a desk job) and get back again. Is this what we all really want to do?? Is this how it is going to be in future too??

We have actually stopped living. We are mechanical maniacs now and with advanced technology we are breathing and living. But are we actually ALIVE??

Where are the times when we actually sit down, mind you PEACEFULLY with our family & friends and laugh our heart out. Or may be sit down and do something that we are all wanting to from ages. Or may be learn something new that we have always set our eyes on.

But, No, we do not really do anything of that sort. We are all so charged up in this human race to jump along that we have stopped living. Have we ever given a thought on our ART OF LIVING!!

The way we lead or lifes and the way we want to lead are two different things, the sooner one comprehends, the faster the move becomes.

A life with money and nothing else is as good as a cake without icing and cherry, which no doubt is good, but is it good enough??? We are breathing, but does it suffice???

THINK ABOUT IT. A serious thought needs to be given to it - ARE WE ALIVE???

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


GOMBAZ!!! - Does this acronym ring a bell or a gong... I am sure it does to a few who are all ears. Well, to the ones it doesn't, let me decode the word. GOMBAZ means Grossly Overpaid MBA's. Some would agree to agree and some would agree to disagree. Don't you think that MBA grads, indeed, are paid well these days with exceptions. Elite MBA's from top notch B - Schools definitely are OVERPAID, but not to miss the MBA's who missed to join C or D schools too.

Now, when these fresh, young or not - so - young grads pass out of MBA's, with big dreams and great ideas join companies and COME ON BOARD, at times something begins to vapourize. The great offerings made to woo a candidature, or the stars literally shown during day light, just fades away like words on a board, when you come on board. ( Not all cases, but it does happen to a few LUCKY CHOSEN ONES!!) Things don't sync well and things begin to get distorted.

Distorted vision is not accepted, hence young minds start meandering in search of jobs that real get them going. Some have a few months gap, or a few months in one company and then the switch happens. But, how well are these short switches accepted by the Human's out there?? That is exactly the answer that needs to be well crafted and presented. Do they really undersatnd when one says that the previous job wasn't satisfying or it was not what I was looking at? Haven't we heard somewhere, MBA's are known for job hopping!!!

CONSISTENCY - That is the word mostly used when MBA's change or hop jobs. Well, there will be reasoning done both ways, but just beacuse jobs are hopped at times, it doesn't mean there is serious lacking or deficiency.

Jobs anyways are at loss but along with it words are also at loss at times??? Don't you all agree.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Bosses, Managers, Team Leads etc. - All mean the same and I guess no matter what the defined designation actually implies -In short, WE ARE AT THE TOP!!

Something actually happens when one starts getting up ( I agree Every Rule Has An Exception!!) that makes them behave the way they do. It is the I - have - to -reign attitude even though it may be in vain. Some try really hard to make their presence felt at the top. Some seem to sail through so comfortably that we juniors really look upto them.

Let me elucidate both the categories a little more. Let's address them as TYPE - I & TYPE - WE.

Pondering why these names... TYPE - I are those top levels which always start with an I. they cannot see beyond themselves and think beyond. Their world stops at I, ME & MYSELF which reminds of a book by AYN RAND called THE ANTHEM. For these cadre of people, nothing matters more than themselves. They actually, at times, cannot bear it if a junior suggests something better. They make sure that idea doesn't blossom. It gets nipped in the bud.

TYPE - WE are those very rare wonderful bosses we get at times, who are an absolute delight to work with. No I factor ruling them. It's the U factor for thier juniors. They help them come up , accept ideas, suggestions and motivate them as and when required. There is no I - Am - The - Boss - so - the - Boss - is - Right -Always attitude.

There may be another cateogy who have a few attributes from both the types too.

Just imagine, the plight of employees who need to work under TYPE - I kind of managers. You just need to open your mouth and there it goes shut in a jiffy. (India is a Democratic country, but within that 6*6 its all forgotten to bureaucracy. Freedom of Speech gets tongue tied.)

But on the other hand, TYPE - WE managers are like those Oysters with real Pearls within. What a delight to work with them?? I am sure most of the working Junta will agree....

It takes all kinds to make this world, after all ORGANIZATION is an iota of the world....So, if not for all these kinds, then there would be no verbal clash to survive on and cherish later.

P.S : I had read it in some forwards sometime which I thought I would quote - to be sitting at the top, you need to be doing nothing!!! ( Cannot vouch for it though now, since its too early...)