Monday, June 21, 2010


This is verily an enlightening thing. Just last week I happened to catch my friend online. We were diccussing the saga of our work life (which indeed is a SAGA). After exchanging a lot of cribbings back and forth we decided to ponder over the life of people who were married and heaved a sigh of relief. (We were still in a much better position to focus our uni - directional cribbings and feel ecstastic.)

All of a sudden we meandered again and started discussing about GOOGLE (I happened to hear a punch line in my previous workplace where it used to be quoted " GOOGLE IS A BOON"!!!) and how we could get any information with just a click away.

With this indeed wonderful search engine, it is so easy to find any information within seconds.

After discussing the merits only (demerits always limited to work life), my friend suddenly shot that GOOGLE mean GO OGLE!!!!!

Now, that seemed such a cool way of putting it across, GOOGLE - GO OGLE!!!!!'

For some it indeed is a BOON.