Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This blog goes out to "Ms. KELLY". ( For those of you who don not know, please read FRIENDS FROM AMES, its a must read for all.)

I had posted a blog named EPITOME OF FRIENDSHIP sometime back. I'm sure most of you would have read it.
What is special about this blog is, it has a comment posted by one of the AMES GIRLS!!! YES YOU GOT IT RIGHT.. KELLY is one of the ten AMES GIRLS who has been so sweet and nice to read my blog and post a comment.

Not many of my own friends who read my blogs, post a comment this honestly. They ping me online saying my blog was good or it was not. (Shame on you guys!!!)
Kelly has been so courteous to leave a comment, that it touched my heart.

Thanks a ton KELLY. I feel so proud to flaunt my blogs all the more now.

P.S: This blog is written to say THANK U KELLY... You made my day or should I say , " YOU MADE MY BLOG!!!!


I think I'm getting very sporadic with my postings these days. Till one of friend's doesn't ask me as to why I haven't posted a blog, I don't bother.. Well, I will post more often from now on.. This is yet another incident of mine.. Well, I know MONOTONY is setting in among my readers, but I promise the next one will be different. This incident just happened yesterday and I couldn't stop myself from posting another blog. My colleague wanted to withdraw money from the ATM. (Not Ramya guys!!!) It was mid afternoon. Looks like Summer has set in. We were walking down the road, grumbling about the HEAT. It indeed was scorching HOT. We went to the ATM, but in vain. It was not working. So, we were walking back and I had covered my head with my dupatta ( Yes people, I'm celebrating SALWAR SUIT WEEK!!!!). I was trying to wrap it correctly, so I pulled it out ans spread it properly walking down the road. To my utter shock I realized that I had covered another old man's head who was walking next to me. No wonder I had 2 heads all of a sudden. (Fancy me, in a jiffy I've grown an extra head). Well, I silently apologized to that elderly man and walked away without looking back!!!!! P.S : Moral - I should never wear Salwar suits again!!!