Friday, May 5, 2017

Nail Art

My fascination for growing nails started right out of school, I just couldn't wait to graduate to start school, just so that I could grow my nails, file them in perfect shape and color them my way. Trust me when I say, I have been known as the Long Nails Girl and that name has stuck on. 

Right from those initial days up until today, the most unique aspect to my proclivity has been growing nails in only my Left Hand, I never have been able to grow my right hand nails and they just refuse to co-operate. So, it is just one hand and how I absolutely love painting them in different patterns and colors. 

Back then, my nails used to grow really long and last and they would hardly break. But, by chance, a nail broke, I used to weep profusely. Boy, weep isn't the right word to describe my outburst. And, that broken nail used to be treasured with utmost care. But now, neither does my nail grow so long nor does it want to last long. The only common factor from the beginning to today has been the fact that I still change my nail paint once in three or four days. I love designing my nails and I always keep them neat. And, when one breaks, I let the other nails be. And yes, I do not weep anymore over a broken nail.