Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Bosses, Managers, Team Leads etc. - All mean the same and I guess no matter what the defined designation actually implies -In short, WE ARE AT THE TOP!!

Something actually happens when one starts getting up ( I agree Every Rule Has An Exception!!) that makes them behave the way they do. It is the I - have - to -reign attitude even though it may be in vain. Some try really hard to make their presence felt at the top. Some seem to sail through so comfortably that we juniors really look upto them.

Let me elucidate both the categories a little more. Let's address them as TYPE - I & TYPE - WE.

Pondering why these names... TYPE - I are those top levels which always start with an I. they cannot see beyond themselves and think beyond. Their world stops at I, ME & MYSELF which reminds of a book by AYN RAND called THE ANTHEM. For these cadre of people, nothing matters more than themselves. They actually, at times, cannot bear it if a junior suggests something better. They make sure that idea doesn't blossom. It gets nipped in the bud.

TYPE - WE are those very rare wonderful bosses we get at times, who are an absolute delight to work with. No I factor ruling them. It's the U factor for thier juniors. They help them come up , accept ideas, suggestions and motivate them as and when required. There is no I - Am - The - Boss - so - the - Boss - is - Right -Always attitude.

There may be another cateogy who have a few attributes from both the types too.

Just imagine, the plight of employees who need to work under TYPE - I kind of managers. You just need to open your mouth and there it goes shut in a jiffy. (India is a Democratic country, but within that 6*6 its all forgotten to bureaucracy. Freedom of Speech gets tongue tied.)

But on the other hand, TYPE - WE managers are like those Oysters with real Pearls within. What a delight to work with them?? I am sure most of the working Junta will agree....

It takes all kinds to make this world, after all ORGANIZATION is an iota of the world....So, if not for all these kinds, then there would be no verbal clash to survive on and cherish later.

P.S : I had read it in some forwards sometime which I thought I would quote - to be sitting at the top, you need to be doing nothing!!! ( Cannot vouch for it though now, since its too early...)