Monday, September 26, 2016

Plethora of Emotions

We ride high on our emotions,
Like rogue waves in motion,
Onsets within like a myriad dollop,
To rein control is a true wallop,
Yet, we try, we fly, we sigh!

A turmoil begins at the core,
Each time, it tears us apart a little more,
All our wits at lose ends,
Blemishing our power without a fend,
Yet, we try, we fly, we sigh!

It leaves us in a muffled swaddle,
For all the highs and lows to paddle,
In all our might to fortify the beat,
Keeping cynical notions at bay, a brazen feat,
Yet, we try, we fly, we sigh!

Bout's of episodes are a life long affair,
Stoving off untoward is a flair,
Spend it profoundly wise,
Where not worth, think twice,
Yet, we try, we fly, we sigh!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rantings @ Crossroads

I stand, deep in thought,
To my left or right, my mind's fought,
The choice within is a gamble,
With the power to rise a shamble,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!

To my left, a patch of greenery,
Tantalizing my morbid ornery,
Stretches ahead the path of serenity,
And it obliterates all my frivolity,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!!

To my right, an alley that fades,
Is it the one that dares?
Even though withered away to wilderness,
Has it brought my mind to stillness,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!!!

Each time life offers us choice,
All around we discern noise,
Agony to concot it right,
Our klutz to fabricate it bright,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Creative Side - How we think the way we ink?

Each time I sit with my  Sketch Pad and my art supply, my brain seems to work on its own. The flow of the creative side is always a wonder and each time someone ask me, "How"?, I am left clueless. That word is hard to answer since I do not know 'how' to explain either my art or how I create the art. 

Art is a therapy to soothe the soul. Each line or stroke forms into a beautiful pattern and lets the artist's creative side be shown.  Each art that is done reflects a piece of the artist's imagination. Imagination just happens and there is no reason to explain how this imagination turns into a magical artwork. 

Make the mind exercise more, pick up the sketch book and let your imagination run along!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Name that Strikes

Sometime back, I was at a mall. I had a gift card from one my friend's and I decided I would pick something. In I walked, to a store which sells everything. I lingered a few minutes longer in front of the jewelry section, but alas, nothing appealed. 

I walked around a little more and came to the bags section. My most favorite!! (Undoubtedly ;) )I was scanning all the brands and one particular brand caught my attention. I walked a little closer to see if I was reading right and YES, I was reading it right. I stood pondering for a few seconds. Any guesses, as to what the brand name was.... 

It was called 'Brahmin'!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lost in Wordland

Each time I pick up a book, I am like a little girl with a candy in her hand. The gleam is beyond words. Mind you, I am not someone who reads seldom. I am a voracious reader and I do a lot of authors books. But each time, I land myself a new book, its a treat I look forward too. With me, it is not the ending that I drives me to read, but the relentless curiosity of how the journey is described till its end. 

I am lost among words. At times, I am so wound up that I do not know what is happening me at all. I, don the various hats of the splendid characters and meander the paths with them. My imagination reaches a notch above the highest during my otherwise otherside. When I start a book, I find it arduous to put it back till I am done. 

Books have always left me intriguing and the with each passing year this tantalizing habit only climbs higher up. Up, Up, and up above. Not once have I left a page unturned in between. I never will have any inkling till the last as to what will happen and that leaves me utterly puzzled each time. 

When I wrap up a book, my zest to pick up one is almost immediate. I again want to transported into this magical world of books and yet again begin a new journey with an untried imagination. These voyages into the wordland, as I fondly call it, are the most treasured ones. The best that happens ever. 

Can't wait to enclose my present journey, to begin yet another delightful one!!  A lifelong cruise in this land of words.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Right Choice Baby

How many times have we wondered, "Is he the right one"? When we are on that threshold of marriage, we all begin to loosen the shackles to our brain for the power of vigorous and rigorous thinking ability. We all want - Happily Ever After for us. Isn't it? I am sure most of you will agree.
But that gnawing question - AM I MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE? Well, it is our gut that we go with. Call it gut, call it the bell ringing or whatever, we will feel it when it happens. Most of times the gut kicks in real strong and hard and before we realize, we are hooked and booked. Hopefully not cooked.

Feeling jittery and nervous are all the signs that is common. Mass - feeling - syndrome that is inevitable. But just know that once you feel the emotion and make the choice, it is meant to be forever. 
Next time when you stand on this threshold and you gut kicks in - Yehi Hain Right Choice Baby!! Just go for it and the rest will follow the best!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

For the Joy of Reading & LOVE of Books

                   As a toddler, my mom put me into the habit of reading books. I used to thoroughly enjoy sitting with her in the evenings with books. Started with toddler books which has a lot of graphics and fewer words. She always told me, books are the best companions. Growing up, I realize how much I love books. The journey that started as a toddler continued. I moved on to reading Enid Blyton. All her books, including Famous Five, Secret Seven, Fatty Series etc., used to be my favorite. But that one most adored series was Malory Towers by the same author. Each term end, I used to wait for holidays to devour books for those three months. 
When I came to Junior School, I started with Carolyn Keene - Nancy Drew Files. We girls at school used to wait for our Library Hour to get our hands on them. Not so much with Hardy Boys. I fondly remember, I used to read books in my Biology Class. My text book used to tuck my novel and I would be lost in the books. Back then, I always knew I would be ans Engineer and never a doctor. Hence, very confidently, I used to read books in my Bio classes. 
Then came high school, the love for books grew stronger and so did the range of books.  Sweet Valley was the ultimate rave and I poured myself into those books. Chalet School series was another set of books I relished. Each book I read transported me into magical journeys ans I would blend into the characters. With that, my imagination would be amalgamated. Oh the joy! No words to describe that feeling. 
Moved into junior college and I notched up my authors again. I fell in love with Robin Cook, I used to be delighted with his science fiction. They bamboozled me in the most pleasant manner. My most favorite being Sphinx. Then came in Sydney Sheldon and Mary Stewart. Each of them would leave me wanting more and I would ensure I completed the series. ( Well almost all of it!)
I entered into Engineering (like how I always dreamed - no more Biology). I started exploring a whole new range of authors including, Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot used to be my most favorite character of all. Miss Marple was a delight as well. Jeffrey Archer 's first book of mine was The Prodigal Daughter and from then till now, I wait to read his new release wholeheartedly. Victoria Holt was another author I explored. I must give credit to my Aunt too, another avid reader in the family, who used to let me borrow all her books too and increase my plethora of authors. Georgette Heyer was one author, I coudnt get hooked too. I just read two books and that is about it. 
For the love of my science fiction, I started Michael Crichton. Another fantabulous author. Danielle Steel I read a few, though not a fan girl of her. Then came Dan Brown. I read all of his books. 
I passed out of Engineering and moved on to pursue my masters, so did my mastery in books continued. In came Mary Clark Higgins, who till date astonishes me with her flair for mystery. Another most favorite author of mine is - Terry Mcmillan. I have read all her books and they leave me awestruck. My most favorite being ; Waiting to Exhale and Getting to Happy. How Stella got her groove back was a great one too. 
I stumble upon this author once at a second hand book store. (You know the books I mean- not really the author as such;) ) - Matthew Reilly. This Aussie author left me craving for more. Each book of his left me speechless and I used to wait to get my hands on his books. Yes - I have completed his series too so far. John Grisham, I just managed Playing for Pizza and this one book I recommend to all to read. Jude Deveraux followed. 
Chiklits is something I always enjoyed and when I happened to find a whole lotta authors, I just did chiklits for a long time. Jennifer Weiner, Lauren Weinberger, Candace Bushnell, Plum Skypes, Tilly Bagshawe, Anuja Chauhan and Beverly Brandt to name a few. 
Presently I am hooked into Clive Cussler and James Patterson. Dean Koontz, Wilbur Smith and Manfrendi are the other authors I love to read. 
Sudha Murthy, my favorite woman writes a lot. I read all of her books too. Not to miss Preeti Shenoy. I love her books. Chitra Divakaruni is another author who writes very well. A friend of mine used to read her books at work. Curiosity got the better out of me and one day I asked for the book. I really liked her book and started borrowing, since there was a collection of her books with my friend. Jane Blanchard's - In Cahoots was a masterpiece. I recommend to all my fellow book lovers, do get your hands on this book. 
Twinkle Khanna's - Mrs. Funnybones was a one sitting page turner. A lovely and hilarious book. Must read guys! 
This list of mine is endless. I can just write volumes on my love for reading. Every book lover will share the same POV. Once we get hooked to this beautiful addiction, it just gets stronger and stronger. I always joke around saying - Books will always be my first love and I will have a life - long affair with them. 
(Mumma - A big thanks to you for getting me into this beautiful world of words. I will cherish this passion for life! 

All you fellow reader, continue reading - Happy Reading Always!

Much Love!!