Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What does it take to remain as is it,

For is there an irony insignia,

Know not the ways of labyrinth,

On and on goes on a vicious circle!!

On and on goes a vicious circle,

No start, no end to the circumference,

A small patch of disheartenment,

Grows into a pasture with time bygone!!

Grows into a pasture with time bygone,

But the very color seems faded,

Disillusionment sets in concretely,

For everything beyond is an opaque pull up!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The old time charm,

This was never meant to harm,

The cheer to warm,

Blissful console in the pram!!

The silent peak in the dark,

Those chinese whispers in the park,

The sound of the lark,

Charmed in a way of a deep mark!!

Embossed with golden memories to start,

Begins a new journey towards the heart,

For ways of expressing love is an art,

Know not the taboo called part!!


The feeling of being lonely,
The fear of an unknown entity,
The heart wrenching spin outs,
The silent whines and sighs,
The mind is severly blocked!!

Long days ahead,
No dear ones to caress and cajole,
Springs of serenity oozing out,
Unbearable calmness throughout,
The mind is severely blocked!!

Without the touch of magic,
The pillar of her strength thrown apart,
The sigh of relief washed away,
The bundle of joy is a taboo,
The mind is severely blocked!!

The days don't sail ahead,
The everlasting zeal tampered off,
Silently she sits weeping,
Loneliness soaring till eternity,
The mind is indeed severely blocked!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

One life to Live

The faith should never trod over,
Ecstasy is the halo to hover,
Make adulation the cover,
For, it's one life to live!!

Make the circumference around a cheer,
Let there be no fear,
Shrieks of joys be the hear,
For, it's one life to live!!

Piousness of belief be set,
Tears of remorse will not wet,
No near anguishes to fret,
For, it's one life to love to live!!


The zeal in life has no bounds,

On and off it goes about in rounds,

Piling on in pounds!!

The joy in life is umpteen,

Fills in every teen,

No worry about sheen!!

The emotions are sky high,

Here and there a silent sigh,

Forlornness will never spy!!

Let zenith be the pitch for your aim,

Verily spin out the fame,

Let all your moves be fair in the game!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


All along this line,
None are allowed to whine,
Only rays of hope shine,
Everything around is nice and fine!!

The happy flutter of heart,
Inspirations and aspirations never to part,
All bubbles of joy form tiny warts,
Unknown of every form of thwart!!

Bring in from within the best,
Endeavour every form of test,
Move ahead of every obstacle 'pest,
God indeed will take care of the rest!!!


Do I really need love,

Or is it a longing from within,

So strong is the force,

That loneliness creeps in,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Do I really need love,
Or is is the herd mentality at bay,

The longing to be someone's,

For that is the happiness way,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Do I really need love,

Or is it the mirage formed so deep,

The sheer joy of togetherness,

Lest know not the tears to weep,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Do I really need love,

Or can life move on without D One,

The very thought, though doesn't seems glorious,

But the carved burden weighs a ton,

Is this called Touch Of Love!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The deep blue sea,
The rigorous lashing of the waves,
The swaying of the tress,
The rising of the tides,
The serenity enwrapping the eerie silence!!

The jagged sharp rocks,
The shiny shimmering sand,
The imprints of feet,
The trodden path,
The enigmatic pictureseque scenery all around!!

Lone sits a girl,
So lost in her thoughts,
Pondering to embark a new journey,
To be the architect of her own future,
The humungous mountains to shield the circumference!!!

Ahead lies her new life,
Waiting to embrace her from within,
Stretching its arms so wide,
Ready to wipe away blues,
To kickstart the new Me in her!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The long restless strides across,

The crazy internal fluttering,

Lest did she realise,

The galloping thoughts,

The mundane long days,

Lest did she realise,

The chasing mind,

The sleepless nights,

Lest did she realise,

The silent remorse days,

The hyper ventilating ways,

Lest did he realise,

The precarious rumbling of words,

The unstable pillar of strength,

Lest did he realise,

The lifeless soul,

The deflated grey matter,

Lest did he realise,

No words to weave their love,

Alas!! to be or not to be.....


The very first sight,

Filled my heart with immense light,

But i knew not the far end,

Filled with curves and bends,

But I just wished it was right!!

Every waking turn was a dream,

Bringing on a gleam beam,

The flutter in my heart,

Was an supposedly assurance never to part,

But I just wished it was right!!

Life just moves on,

Without an estimated warn,

Leaving behind a tiny trace,

Filling memories with utter grace,

But I just wished it was right!!

It is a journey to learn,

At times you just yearn,

To set the path right,

Which trails behind no wrath,

But I just wished it was right!!