Thursday, September 19, 2013


The very title says, FOOTPRINTS of MEMORIES and I think this is indeed one of the finest titles I've ever come across. I simply love this title. It has a very in-depth meaning and a truly powerful one. Most of us love leaving footprints on the sand at the beach and we all enjoy doing so. I am sure most of you would agree with me, but how many of us have really pondered over this thought. In the true sense, we are leaving footprints, but in the actual sense are we really leaving footprints is memories? Now that is a million dollar question for us to think.

    Life - is one big basket of memories. But are those memories leaving footprints, or not? We collect lots of memories in our lives, some wonderful, some amazing, some not so good ones, but we still treasure all of it. Memories are all we have in our lives, when we need it the most by our side. But are those memories enough for us to live life or do we need our loved ones to leave fine footprints together. The joy of rediscovering and reliving those memories and stepping again on those footprints is the finest treasure we hold onto. 

   At times, we look back and would want to walk down our memory lane. Those moments spent together with our loved ones or that one special person with whom we would love to keep adding memories to that one big basket. These memories come handy when that special one in your life goes away for a while. That is the time when we wait for them to return to add more memories...... To LEAVE FOOTPRINTS OF MEMORIES TOGETHER!!!!