Monday, January 24, 2011


WHISKY!!!!! The more I write, the more I want to write... Seems strange, but this very word WHISKY has a rock solid power.
One has to meet this special creature, who leaves a beautiful impact in one's life. Of course , not to mention the kick that comes along as a snacks with the drink. This creature hardly ever opens up, but when it does, the others cannot close their mouth. In short, a brilliant comic relief...

The time spent with this creature is memorable for times to come. Ever lasting memories. Short time, indeed verr brief, but indeed lady luck favored to meet. A petite creature, but very powerful.

I can just go on and on, but words just fall short to describe. There is some enighma wrapped within this creature, that YEH DIL MANAGE MORE!!!!

Whisky, I know this blog wouldn't make any sense to anyone except you, but who cares, THIS BLOG IS WRITTEN ONLY FOR YOU!!!

Whisky would like to go on but you know.......

Jad se tere touch main aaya hoon, breafast aur dinner dono missing hain!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


WHISKY or should I say WHISKEY????
This was how my conversation started with my dearest friend. A very unusual name I could think for one of my dearest friends. But that is what I call fondly.

Whisky this blog is just for you.....

I still remember how I started talking to you. The Quarter was almost coming to an end when we started talking. But, somewhere down the line I feel it was one of the most brilliant things that could happen. Generally, great friendships start at Junior School or College and continue all along, but at work place is a rarity. This Whisky is one such rarity in my place.

Don't really wanna brag, but all I want to say is, Whisky, you indeed deserve this ma pal,

Tere Sang, ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hain, tere sang.....

P.s : No breakfast, no dinner!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is a review of a book I recently read and thought would put it up...

JUDE DEVERAUX - A new author that I accidentally happened to read. First time.


This book was about two cousins who were life long pen pals. They decided to switch places. One can imagine the havoc created to switch roles, but nothing of that sort happened. These two girls, poles apart, switching roles... One a city bred lass and the other a small town rookie.

But in reality when they meet to swap roles, city bred turns out to be a reclusse and the small town turns out to be a social butterfly.

Then the journey they traverse is something I leave it toi you guys to read it.....

Purchase Order Publicity

This actually happened and when I saw it, I had to blog it.

How does a sales process work? Let me explain to the non- sales buddies of mine. Sales buddies, please excuse me.

1. Requirement arises.

2. Technical Specs are taken into consideration.

3. Customer closes the specs.

4. Price negotation.

5. P.O Sent

6. Deal closed.

Well, this is how in general a deal is closed.

This colleague of mine had closed a deal and was awaiting P.O (Purchase Order to all the brillaint ones, in case you are wondering the Acronym). He was awaiting documents from two days.

FINALLY, the merciful customer decided to send across the much awaited P.O.

Usually, work space is pretty serene. But the minute his P.O came, there was a ruckus. A true ruckus.

I was curious too. So , there I went to check what the unholy commotion was all about.

To my utter amazement, the P.O sent across had the face of the customer more clearly visible than the much essential document.

What an amazing sight that was to see... It was actually a delight to see that mail.

We had a hearty laugh after a a long time......