Sunday, July 31, 2011

Delhi Meri Jaan

DELHI - Much awaited trip in times to come. 16th July 2011 - The Day never to be forgotten in my entire life.
This was indeed my first trip all by myself (Whisky you better vouch!!) to the much awaited Dilwalon ki Dilli.

I was so excited that I reached the airport 4 hours before my scheduled flight as if the plane would fly me as soon as I reached at my convinience. Anyways I reached the airport and spent time browsing.

It was time for me to board my flight - SPICEJET heading to my destination - DELHI. After spending 2.5 hours with utmost excitement, I reached the INDRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. The air that hit me on my face when I alighted was so hot that I felt I was in a desert. Dilli ki garmi, indeed garam.

In a WHITE DOWRY CAR i10 was WHISKY waiting to whisk me away to Gurgaon. Here I was to stay the next 10 days and I knew I would paint the city red. (Hopefully RED!!!)

(I know Whisky, you will have that smile on your face for my statement about your car - DOWRY I10 only, and it will not change!!!)

I sat in the car and I literally had to pinch myself hard to believe that I am finally in DELHI. Well, I did get a hard pinch.

The day I reached, I didn't venture out.

The next day we headed to do local sight seeing. I bought a few junk and we headed to Delhi.

One thing that caught my attention was "GOL CHAKKAR", 2 mins I was taken aback. MY Hindi is indeed good, but guess not this good. Out of curiosity I asked what does this word mean. That word meant - CIRCLE. Oh Lord... GOL CHAKKAR SE ULTA HAATH JAO - Now this line means take left in the circle... ( Whisky yaad hain yeh sentence!!!)

All thanks to Whisk's BIL, I landed up seeing Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. It was indeed fun and interesting.
Guess what, I landed up having South Indian meals ( All thanks to BIL). The most tasty meal in Delhi guess.

We went to a lot of places in and around Delhi and Gurgaon.

The best part is here. Whisky's DOWRY CAR mind you Whisky's life is parked in the parking. I all of a sudden wanted to travel by METRO. And yes, I did make Whisky's car remain parked and landed up getting into the METRO. (Whisky imagine your reaction.. My dowry i 10 worth 5 lakhs parking main khadi hain aur aap mujhe metro main le ja rahe ho......!!!!)

I got in Guru Dronacharya Station and got down in MG Road, not to forget the penalty for not swiping the metro card...

Some memories are etched in your mins forever. HEY YA, I WANNA GET CLOSER TO YOU.. Whisky must be fed up of this song by now......

Overall a splendid trip for life......

P.S: Not to forget Saket main Coffe Beans main AC kha he bahar nika gaye the.......(UFFFF yeh garmi.. was Whisk's favourite dialogue!!!)

Looking forward to more trips to yeh hain indeed Delhi Meri Jann!!!!

P.S: Hope I have not forgotten any other experience except for the Bangles admired by that chik in Turquoise.....