Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The world seems so dull,
The very trigger dead,
Nothing more left to pull,
He stand on nails of bed,
For in vain search of his sweetheart!!!!

He stands all alone now,
The very meaning within erased,
Like an arrow depreived of its bow,
His very soul blazed,
For in vain search of his sweetheart!!!

A cluttered mind,
Thoroughly battered heart,
Nothing to un wind,
Her intent was clear to part,
For in vain search of his sweetheart!!!

A dream broken forever,
Thoughts in utter despair,
Were they never meant to be together????
A sight very rare,
For in vain search of his sweetheart,
In every sense they had meant to par!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Each new day when you arise, you know you have something to look forward. The bright day brings in new aspirations, new hopes & a whole new range. It feels beautiful to awaken to go for it.

But just imagine, just suppose, there is a break. A break in your each new day. Trust me things wouldn't seem the same. She just experienced a break like this for about a week. By God, life wouldn't have been more pathetic than this. Lying in bed the entire day, seilenly hoping that TOMORROW would definitely be a new day. All day long with nothing to do. Day would some how pass, but nights would seem the longest. Each second would seem an eternity.

The same plight of lying on bed for over a week, was a litlle too much to bear. Not able to walk, not able to sit, not able to do anything practically. How would life seem like???? No better then hell...

Finally after what seemed like a zillion years on bed, she was able to get up from bed. A second life was all she cpuld think of to thank her stars and God...

Each day is brilliant. We crib at times over monotonous rituals, each day we do the same and there is nothing new happening in life.

But have you ever pondered that this is what keeps us going... Just sit back a day or 2 breaking your monotonous life, trust me it will drive you crazy!!!

Indeed life is beautiful, make the most of it.....

Friday, October 9, 2009


This is another fiasco of mine at work.....Obviously a Team Effort....

I have a colleague of mine, well not Ramya who is equally close to me... Now at her request, I will not name her.. But I fondly call her CAT... Yes, that is her name in office.... This cat and me usually have a nice, friendly fight all the time.. I mean its so much fun pulling her leg, just to see her cute reactions... It indeed is so cute, that Ramya and I all the time land up pullin' her leg.. (Actually hoping that she will grow atleast a few cms....).... But in vain.....

The other day as usual she and I were happily lost in fighting... She was telling me something so I was pulling her cheeks... ( Cats usually have adorable cheeks and this cat is no exception...I always pull her cheeks...)

It so happened that is was post lunch and I was near her cubicle... No one was around, so I was bending on her chair and pulling her cheeks.. It so happened that my hair had covered her face and mine....Now, now, now,,,, Hold it right there.... Before the minds start galloping like a race horse in a derby..... I was actually pulling her cheeks and she was telling me something...

Now to our utter shock, our manager walks past us.....OOPS!!!! This person always almost has a perfect timing... Actaully horrible timing... The places he doesn't need to be present, well he is VERY MUCH THERE....This time too he is there... Now, my poor cat got frightened.....It was a sight to see.....

He made a pass... But thank god not a nastly pass....It was a sweet remark...

We indeed were saved.....

Monday, October 5, 2009


Now this blog of mine is going to be one mind blowing piece... Why so??? You must move through it to know why....

I love M.G Road.. All my friends who know me, know that is my weekend hangout either with folks or friends.. I just love that place... Owe it to my school being so close that it has just become an inseparable part of my life... THE HEART OF THE CITY - M.G ROAD.....I love buying books in my favourite hangout, Blossoms.. Jewelry shopping especially JUNK... I'm a junkie when it comes to jewelry...

So this particular saturday also, I was hanging out in M.G, buying some crap or the other... I just bought a nice shell chain and was standing near Mota Royal Arcade with it....I was just giddling around with it...

I did the most absurd thing.. I just put up the chain in the air to see how it looks... as though I was going to garland my knight in shining armour, in the very lovable place of mine......But something more absurd happened... I was so lost lookin at my chain, that I didn't realise a neck had just passed into that chain.. OH MA GOD!!!!!

That was just so damn funny.... It was a sight to see... This guy who had almost got the chain round his neck was a cute lookin guy... I couldn't help but I burst out laughing.. All my friends started laughing... This guy was laughing.. The best part it was in the middle of the pavement and there was a nice circle of onlookers already formed around us... Man, I just couldn't stop giggling...

It was a rare sight to see..... To this day, I smile when I was Mota Royal Arcade......

Garland in my land.....