Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm sure most of you have seen the 4D movies while travelling abroad. I yet hadn't go a chance to see it. So my happiness and excitement was all rotating around 3D movies only (Craze to the zenith post AVATAAR release). Well, to cut the long story short, my first 3D movies wasn't Chota Chetan, it was Avataar... After that there was no looking back. I fell in love with 3D movies. It was love at first sight!!!!
Now, that's my 3D story. Without digressing, let me start with I what I intended to start off.
4D, now that's the buzz word with the Indian with respect to movies. Sometime back, I was on my religious tour in Garuda Mall ( Religious because I vist Garuda Mall more than a Ganapathy Temple) and I was handed a pamplet. Normal curiosity, I read it and it was about 4D.
FIRST TIME INTRODUCED - 4D for you!!! Well, now that is called brilliant marketing. Mission accomplished. I was all set to watch 4D.

So some saturday 2 weeks back, I went to my holy visit. There were 3 4D movies playing, one after another. I wanted to watch something related to polar bears. ( Other two being about ghosts and aliens, none interests me though!!!) Prices are over the top thoug beacuse each ticket was a whopping amount of Rs.150 and mind you the duration of the film is BARELY 15 MINUTES!!!!

We went in and it was a tiny place. ( Nothing unlike our normal audis) But the seats were mind blowing. They were at a few cms above the ground level. We were given glasses. The first thing I felt when I went in was, as if I had entered a Polar Region. It was chilling. (First effect already expereinced!!! About 30 - 35 people can sit at a time for the thrilling or chilling experience, me having picked the later option.

It started and what a roller coaster ride we had. The seats kept moving forward and backward and getting tilted to glory. As and when the scene took place, we experienced the same effect. (It was like FISH BONE THEORY---- All MBA grads guess can recall..) If the panda spit water, we experienced it on our face. If there was a qyale, then we felt it under our feet...

This beautiful entralling journey comes to an edn in about fifteen minutes.... But definitely worth the ride!!!!

P.S : Take the ride, it'll be etched in your minds forever!!!!!