Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rule of Ten

1. Unleash your creative side - Pick up a new hobby.
2. Spend some time with yourself - You are your own priority.
3. Love yourself - Only then will you love others.
4. Don't let work rule your life - Family and Friends need you time too.
5. Go on a trip - Let your hair down.
6. Connect with your near and dear ones - time is the essence.
7. Social media isn't the window to the real world - Look far and beyond your phone.
8. Do something new - Change is essential.
9. Worry about yourself - You can't keep pace with others.
10. Live life - Some day you will wake up to wonder where all that time in the world whizzed past by.

Friday, March 24, 2017

I Remember

I  remember all those growing up years when my mother used to come pick me up from school. Each day she used to be there much earlier than my final bell waiting for me. For some reason, if I got a little late, I would see my friends would be crowding near her and chatting. She definitely was way more popular than me among my friends. 

Now, when I look back fondly, I do not know how fast all those years have sped by me. Those innocent school days with not a worry in the world, so carefree and radiantly happy. I remember, during rainy season, for some strange reason, I used to love splashing water by jumping into the stagnant water puddles. We used to have competitions as to who splashes water the farthest. The walks with my mother under the umbrella, talking about all that happened during my day while never missing an opportunity to jump into every single puddle of rain water. 

All my school years, my mother relentlessly have come every single day to pick me up. The most fantastic growing years of my life and best school days ever. 

I wish I could go back in time and re live all those days, but then I think, if we all kept going back in time, then what fun is there to living life and plan all that we do about a Distant & Unknown Future. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Best Friend's Release Technique

Best Friends - No matter what happens, nothing changes with them. It's true with my Best Friend too. I have known her for half my life. We met way back in my 11th Std and have been together ever since then. It's the ease with which we are able to pick up the strings from where we left, no matter how long it has been. We try to spend a few minutes each day talking and we talk A to Z. One such interesting conversation happened last week. 

We were having a very intense discussion on married life and spouses. She said a very interesting thing that got me thinking. She said, 

- We need an outlet to let go of our rantings and venting to release the built up steam. 

Now, come to think of it, it is such a true statement. Isn't it? What we do, is rant and vent in front of our spouse and many a times he may not even be paying heed to it. If we all have that one person that we goto and vent out our negative emotions, I think it gets a wee bit better. Now, I do not say, it is the best solution and works for all, but for those to whom it works, it works well. A release for your pressure! Think it over. 

A Book that Moved Me

It's very rare that I write about a book I read, that too for a person like me who is a book addict. But once in a few books. I come across a book that just stirs my soul and moves me in a way where I am all teary eyed by the time I wrap the book. Once such book, was a long awaited - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. 

In my previous post, I had mentioned how a writing should move the reader and this book is the perfect example to it. From the first page till the end, this book gripped me so tight that I just couldn't put it down till I was done. She has brought out emotions so strong in her writing, that it was definitely bound to leave her readers, like me, with tears. Now, since I know the thought and an example of the demonstration of it, I for sure will incorporate adding more feelings to my writing. 

 I have always wondered, how some authors demonstrate such fine feelings in the their books. How do they stir the readers emotion? Somewhere, I have begun to realize the essence of feelings and emotion is a cardinal to good writing. As I read more, I hope to come across more such thought provoking matter to fine tune writings.

To all my fellow readers, if you have not laid your hands on this book, please do it now. I can't wait to start the sequel to this book titled - After You! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thought between Lines

I have joined a Writer's Club, and this is actually my first one. We meet once a month for two hours and I can't tell you all how much I look forward to it. It is like an elixir of my Writing Life. I sit there gleaning every bit of information that we as a group share, however tacit it may be. 

Each time we meet, we bring a piece of our work. The work we bring is critiqued by the rest of the members. Like always, I bring a poetry each time we meet and like it happens, I got one this time too. After I was done with my reading, a member gave me such a thought provoking advise, that I had to blog about it. She said 2 things,

1. A poem needs to build feelings.
2. An important feeling a writer wants to leave a reader with.

These two sagacious thought provoking remarks go to me angle my writing differently. The essence to good writing is to let the reader feel what we write. 

To all those who write like me, here are two wise cents from a very kind member of my writer's group to incorporate. 

Happy Transformed Writing Folks!!

P.S: A big shout out to all the members of my Writer's Group.

Monday, March 6, 2017

There is Indeed Magic

              It's been so long since I posted a blog. I watched this movie called :The Magic of Belle Isle, and I just couldn't resit the urge to write about it. 
I absolutely enjoy watching movies, but how many times do we come across a movie that leaves us wanting more. The desire to watch more such movies that carve a space in our hearts. This movie has just done that. 
For all of us who love to write, once in a while we come across this phenomenal movies like Magic of Belle Isle, which makes us run right back to working with words. And that is exactly what happened to the writer within me. (I am posting this blog right after I watched the movie.)
Every time I sit to write, it is because of an inspiration that brings out the words. They flow like a brook within me. When I exhaust my muse, the brook within me dries up. 
From the start till the end, there wasn't a single dull moment to this movie. It stirs up your mind and plummets you right back into your world of writing. There is indeed Magic in this movie. 
For all you fellow movie buffs, go watch this movie.

One last take away from the movie: Never stop looking for what's not there!!