Tuesday, August 18, 2009



The days date back to my MBA days. I was in my II SEM then. I had a pal of mine who used to work in an I.T firm in Koramangala. At times, I used to go from my college till Koramangala to meet up. Initially, I used to find it tedious as I had to get down form the auto & walk a long way down the lane... The walk was really really long. After some days, I kind off started enjoying the walk. The road seemed beautiful all of a sudden. I used to wait to walk down that road in Koramangala. What a delight it used to be!!!! The houses in that road & the wierd names to it. I used to enjoy reading them while walking. Eventually, that stretch of lane became my favourite PATH. Simply breathtaking. People taking their dogs for walk, people doing brisk walking, vendors selling their yield etc. I used to walk around 5:15 P:M. That stretch was one long road with about 5 intersections. Not mush traffic.. ( Strange but true). The evening walk used to take me nearly 45 mins. (Mind you, I am very fast in walking)....But that 45 minutes of walk was a self motivator kinds. I used to feel so rejuvenated & Positive. That road used to all the more motivate my swirl of thoughts to its peak. It was an undescribable feeling.

Peaceful, calm, serene, best described. The dogs would be a real beauty to watch. Some how I kind off fell in love with this path. Each day I walked, the more I wanted to walk. The path had memories embossed for life in my mind.

Well, this path may seem like any ordinary path to somebody else. But to me this path was the best path I had ever walked on. Nothing could beat it ever!!!

But alas!!! There came a day when I had no reason to be walking in that path anymore. But thoughts & the time spent will linger on in my mind for the rest of my life.

For sure, I will walk down this path of mine sometime later, just to refresh those thoughts of mine....

This will always and forever be my BEST & FIRST LOVE of my Life for times to come!!!!

My Path, Me(mory) down lane always!!!