Thursday, December 24, 2009


I guess i'm coming back after a long time. Looks like either my frequency is reducing drastically or i'm running out of thoughts. (I so hope that the later doesn't happen in the near future!!!!)

Anyways coming to back I was...A couple of days I was browsing books at Landmark, a paradise in Namma Bengaluru for ME.....I had successfully picked up a few books at a throw away price since a sale was on. Brimming with joy, reason being, at the right place at the right time!!! (Book is my addiction and for those of you who don't know, read my previous blogs BEFORE CONTINUING....)

The joy of being amongst books, is a different feeling altogether which only another species like me will understand and agree upon. I had picked four hard bound books and the best part being all were new authors ( In the sense it was new to me as I would be reading it for the first time).

I was just looking through for more and I found this RED COVER PAGE book staring at me with eyes longing to be mine forever...Well I must confess that just for the fact that it was RED, I couldn't resist and without a blink I picked it up. ( IT WAS NOT CHETAN BHAGAT's book by the way....)

I read the preface and found it pretty interesting. NOTHIN FOR YOU MY LOVE, i still love you.

A typical title with an awesome cover page - RED. The picture also pretty sweet, heart beating all over (Not in the literal sense for those of you who are my first time readers, a little exaggeration adds more spice to it...)

There I go, I got it billed and bought that book to be brought along with me.

When I started reading it, it was a typical girl-meets-boy-falls-in-love types. But as I proceeded it was a little different; boy-mets-girl-elder-to-him-fall-in-love types. But when I finished it, it had a very different ending....(No more. Lazy ones can start reading. IT'S HIGH TIME.)

Now the purpose of this blog was not to give a brief about the book I read. (You guys can jolly well go read it yourself....)

Behind the cover page, the author's mail I.D was printed.

I jotted down to I.D to mail the author and appreciate the book. I casually mailed this guy and appreciated his work.

The best part was this guy mails me back. It felt really good. The mail was really sweet and nice.

Well, that is it...Don't expect more....