Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Of A Kind Experience

Working with  words is my passion. I started writing in High School and ever since my association with words has grown deeper and fonder. They transport me into a world where I am the architect of the characters. From Prose to Poetry, the journey has come a long way.

A couple of months back, I happened to come across a Writers Group. I had never been in one and wanted to know what exactly is a Writers Group. I joined the group, to begin with, out of sheer inquisitiveness. But as I continued being part of the group, I started looking forward to those two hours we would meet once a month. On one of the days, our group leader happened to share an info about Writers Conference. I was all perked up and promptly made a note. I registered myself for this event determined to attend it.

A few days, I attended this Writers Conference and again, it happened to be my very first. The six sessions that were brought to the table, was beyond words. The perspective to writing for each person is so different the the analysis to it is another world altogether. My penchant for writing has grown in leaps and bounds and these groups and conferences makes me want to be an even more staunch writer in the making.

So for all you budding writers out there, if there is a Writers Group, go ahead and be part of it. The things you observe and learn, will definitely sharpen your writing skills even better.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Profoundly Wise

We all have some thought provoking, mind altering conversations with our spouse. During such conversations, somethings are so well said that they emboss in our minds forever. 
I was having one such conversation with my spouse. I was scouting for a course that I wanted to enroll into, but for some strange reason, the course wasn't offered. As I sat, venting this out to my spouse, one evening, he said something to me which got my antennas in alert position.

We are all racing blindly towards the corporate ladder. Be it a new learning, a new role or a new a new company, we all compete fiercely. But what we fail to see is the Efficiency. Now what is this Efficiency?

High Efficiency is less input, but high output and this is the case which we all should aim towards, but in real, we do not.

Medium Efficiency, is less input, moderate output, and we try to be in this scenario.

Low Efficiency, is high input, low output, and most of the times we are all walking in this path.

Always remember, we should strive towards High Efficiency.

Now, this is one advise that I was so impressed about that I decided to blog it.