Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Music in the true sense!!!

I have to post this blog. Music makes me post this blog.

I have this freind of meine, well onf of the kind who loves music more than anything. I happened to get to know him, quite by chance. We used to learn driving in the same school. Happened to start speaking (Well, of course undoubtedly initiation was mine, because he is those "Silence - is - golden" kinds) and we kind off gelled well.

After the classes got over, we still kept in touch. Once it so happened that we met over dinner. After an early dinner, we decided to walk and this guy said he would sing.

He started and I am like -what is this guy made up of?? He has the most brilliant voice I have ever heard and what a singer he is.. He sings almost perfectly... His voice is just so beautiful that I guess I will fall short of words....

I fondly call him kinky!!!

Kinky way to go... Keep up the great work and would love to hear more from you in public in future....