Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Summer House - This is one of the books by Jude.

I don't happen to read a lot of her books. But, by chance I started reading her books and this one titled - THE SUMMERHOUSE was one amazing book.

The Synopsis of the book is as follows,
Three friends turning forty on the same day, meet after a gap of seventeen years. None would have been in touch till then. Out of the three, one would be a homemaker, the other would be a writer and the third would be a nurse. The writer's publisher forces her to get in touch with her other two friends in order to celebrate their birthday together. ( Thanks to Technology, they manage to track down the other 2 ...)

Finally, all of three of them meet at Maine. Hence starts their adventure. All the three of them start bridging the gap of seventeen years. None of them except the homemaker seem greatly happy about their life, and the homemaker to some extent. One evening, all the three of them decide to go purchase gifts for the other two for their birthday.

But incidentally, all the three of them come across a card which states,
MADAM ZOYA, know your past...

The three of them get curious and visit her. She makes people go back to three weeks in their lives and if they want to they can make that their permanent lives......

Read this further to know what happens to their lives.....