Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have always wondered how is would be to lend your voice and listen to it. I used to be wonder how it would be to be a News Reader or an Anchor or a R.J...Well, I never in my wildest dreams expected that this pleasant an opportunity would knock at my door some day..... It was a Saturday. Saturdays are usually off from work. Its weekend time. But on 20.02.2010, it was one of those ABnormal days when we were working. Yes, just imagine.. Saturday and you are working. Oh Freak!!!It's tough to imagine also for those who aren't accustomed to working at the weekends. Nevertheless, I was working and that was just not nice. We had just finished food in the afternoon. (The best part is food on the house when we work on Saturdays.....) My colleague comes up to me and he is like, 'Would you want to record for me'?? RECORD.. Now did I get that work right.. Yes, I think I did. I would love to do recording. (For those extra brilliant mind's, recording is done as a part of Marketing collateral's to put extra info up on the website. I was more than happy to grab this wonderful opportunity which I was waiting for. Saturday afternoon my recording started. I had to read out case studies in nine different sectors to be uploaded on our website. I started off with the first one, which was on BI in Customer Service. Man, it was a good one at the first shot. Ain't I on cloud nine. You bet!!! I AM....IN THE SEVENTH HEAVEN. After I had finished, I started off with another one. It was some beautiful. I just loved it. I finished three of them and we wound up for the day. I was all smiles.When you actually listen to your own voice once it is recorded, it never sounds like it is yours. I was like, 'Is this my voice????'. Indeed it sounds so different. Over the next three days, I completed the rest of the cases and when I was done, my joy knew no bounds. I felt this strange sense of accomplishment. For me, it was like winning an Oscar. And this was possible only because of my colleague BINGO. Thanks BINGO. You made it come true for me.... P.S.: People do listen to it and let me know how I sound. I will send you guys the link sometime later.