Monday, March 6, 2017

There is Indeed Magic

              It's been so long since I posted a blog. I watched this movie called :The Magic of Belle Isle, and I just couldn't resit the urge to write about it. 
I absolutely enjoy watching movies, but how many times do we come across a movie that leaves us wanting more. The desire to watch more such movies that carve a space in our hearts. This movie has just done that. 
For all of us who love to write, once in a while we come across this phenomenal movies like Magic of Belle Isle, which makes us run right back to working with words. And that is exactly what happened to the writer within me. (I am posting this blog right after I watched the movie.)
Every time I sit to write, it is because of an inspiration that brings out the words. They flow like a brook within me. When I exhaust my muse, the brook within me dries up. 
From the start till the end, there wasn't a single dull moment to this movie. It stirs up your mind and plummets you right back into your world of writing. There is indeed Magic in this movie. 
For all you fellow movie buffs, go watch this movie.

One last take away from the movie: Never stop looking for what's not there!!