Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HELP - Yet Alive

This is something which I thought I must share.

Sometime back, I decided I need to get my L.L done for a 4 - wheeler. After a lot of internal debating, I decided I will go on a week day. I went with one of my friend's who also wanted to get it done. We reached around 9:00 A:M in the morning. A form was given from the Driving School to be filled by us. I had just begun filling the form when someone asked me to go and have a class for half an hour and come back. Well, that was something nice. I generally used to learn driving at the weekedns. Here I was given an opprtunity to learn it and I thought why not make use of it. anyways, half an hour hardly matters. So I informed my pal and went. (Indded that half hour was so good that I decided I will start learning all over again!!)

By the time I came back, my pal had vanished. I called, only to realise that person is already in the RTO office. Wow!! What friends right??? That was the thought that struck me too...

I walked till the RTO office from my Driving School and searched that place and went up. All in vain. I couldn't figure out where my friend was. I waited a while and picked up my bag and walked out. I was totally furious, all ready to emit fire out of my nose too. I would have looked like a 2 - legged dragon emittin fire profusively.

It so happened that my dear darling mum called. I vented out of frustration to her and I was expressing it loud and clear. She hung up after a while. ( Poor mum!!! Guess she is used to it... Wonder what will happen after I marry... guess there will be more blogs from my husband's end...) There was this guy sitting there and I guess seeing my highly expressive expressions. After a wee bit of time, I hear an EXCUSE ME behind me. I turned and it was the same guy.
I turned and he very politely walks upto me and says, "Maa'm can I help you?".. Now , I honestly was flabberghasted....I said no thank you, but it was very sweet of you to ask me.. He said he had a day pass also, so if I needed help, he would accompany me...That was so nice of him...

Me, being I - just - love - to - talk kind of a person, started a conversation with him. Landed up talking to him for about 30 minutes.

The point is, even now there are people who are so sweet and are ready to help!!!