Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm sure most of you have seen the 4D movies while travelling abroad. I yet hadn't go a chance to see it. So my happiness and excitement was all rotating around 3D movies only (Craze to the zenith post AVATAAR release). Well, to cut the long story short, my first 3D movies wasn't Chota Chetan, it was Avataar... After that there was no looking back. I fell in love with 3D movies. It was love at first sight!!!!
Now, that's my 3D story. Without digressing, let me start with I what I intended to start off.
4D, now that's the buzz word with the Indian with respect to movies. Sometime back, I was on my religious tour in Garuda Mall ( Religious because I vist Garuda Mall more than a Ganapathy Temple) and I was handed a pamplet. Normal curiosity, I read it and it was about 4D.
FIRST TIME INTRODUCED - 4D for you!!! Well, now that is called brilliant marketing. Mission accomplished. I was all set to watch 4D.

So some saturday 2 weeks back, I went to my holy visit. There were 3 4D movies playing, one after another. I wanted to watch something related to polar bears. ( Other two being about ghosts and aliens, none interests me though!!!) Prices are over the top thoug beacuse each ticket was a whopping amount of Rs.150 and mind you the duration of the film is BARELY 15 MINUTES!!!!

We went in and it was a tiny place. ( Nothing unlike our normal audis) But the seats were mind blowing. They were at a few cms above the ground level. We were given glasses. The first thing I felt when I went in was, as if I had entered a Polar Region. It was chilling. (First effect already expereinced!!! About 30 - 35 people can sit at a time for the thrilling or chilling experience, me having picked the later option.

It started and what a roller coaster ride we had. The seats kept moving forward and backward and getting tilted to glory. As and when the scene took place, we experienced the same effect. (It was like FISH BONE THEORY---- All MBA grads guess can recall..) If the panda spit water, we experienced it on our face. If there was a qyale, then we felt it under our feet...

This beautiful entralling journey comes to an edn in about fifteen minutes.... But definitely worth the ride!!!!

P.S : Take the ride, it'll be etched in your minds forever!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Starting from where I left in my previous blog, this is the sequeal to it.

I started with my training at work , which I felt was a great period. It was to last almost two monaths. TWO MONTHS of brillaint 'masti', is what we all trainees felt. (Lest was I to know, that it wasn't true, until later.)
Coming to back to my so - rightly - assumed - fun - period, we used to have rigoruos activities and no time to breath. It was filled with assignments and topped beautifully with tests that too on a very irregualr basis. (Irregularity meant EACH DAY!!!)
Finally, our MASTI TRAINING PERIOD was completed and we were on the job.
YES!!! Finally on the job. What an amazing feeling!!! A brilliant next - to- oscar - achievement....

The days at work would be filled with activities. Loads of activities that I would wonder when on earth my shift began and when the hell was it over....Well, not rosy too beacuse we used to have a lot of irate customers asking about their money transcations....Life wasn't easy answering their questions....Firstly, money issue and secondly irate clients... You can imagine our poor plights....

Once, I happened to get a terrible customer who started abusing right from the very nano second I picked up the call... I heard enough... I was almost losing my patience.

Digressing a little, i would like to tell you guys that 3 out of 10 customers are irate and they get on your nerves. (Less of an exaggeration to keep it simple... Simplicity sells...) We have a mute button in the avaya which enables us to vent out our frustration (Thank God!!! If not for this option, ITES wouldn't be able to flourish so well....)

Coming back to my patience levels, I had tolerated enough and I thought it was time THE - HIGH - N - MIGHTY - MUTE BUTTON (as it is called) will now come handy. It was my first time usage and experience in both terms, (MUTE & IRATE CLIENT) I happily pressed the mute button (which I assumed was on) and said something.

Now, here's the twist in my luck, the MUTE BUTTON HAD BETRAYED ME!!!!!

I was in for super cool ride now. You can imagine what happened...
Well, hang in, I wouldn't want your imagination to run like crazy horses... I will give it a break...

This client heard it and he wanted to speak to my manager. He spoke and it was sorted out..

Thank God!!! It wasn't severe....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preamble MUSE A BUSE

Just after my Engineering, I decided to try my stints in the ITES sector. I gave my first interview with a very big name and after clearing 6 rounds, they told me that they didn't want to hire a fresher. My Second Interview clicked after an entire day's struggle and my efforts paid off. I was selected and this was with a MNC. I was brimming with joy. At that time it looked like, I had achieved something great. Conquered -the -world -kind -off -a -feeling!!!

First Day At Work: I was all excited. the feeling was a yeppie one. One of the girls I met at the interview had cleared too and we clicked instantly. She said she would come and pick me up.
The D - Day arrived. But, I somehow missed her and I decided to get into an auto as I didn't want to late. ( I usually am never late)

I caught an auto and got off in front of my office. I gave him Rs. 50 but he didnt have change.
The minute I hopped off the auot, I bumped into a familair face. ( He was like an Oasis in the desert) No Hello, How are you, nothin... I just rushed and asked him if I could borrow the needed change and he gave it to me..(Wonder what he was thinking at that time.....)

Just imagine that poor guy's reaction.... Gladly he remembered me since he had met me a few months back at some place for an interview. We had struck a casual conversation. Let me tell you in detail how I had met this person...

I was in my final sem Engineering. I thought I would try for a job off campus for the heck of it. I had gone on a saturday to some MNC where there was a walk in. There is a park in fron tof that company. I was waiting there , when this puny guy with glasses caught my attention. He was parked on the bench with a Lays packet and a bottle of coke. He was the only guy so intently concentrating on food out there. Hence, we started a conversation.....

His name is SIBY. Siby, its been a while since we are in touch and I hope throught this blog atleast I can find out where you are....

All I got to say is NEVER MISS ANY OPPORTUNITY. You never know when the need arises!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HELP - Yet Alive

This is something which I thought I must share.

Sometime back, I decided I need to get my L.L done for a 4 - wheeler. After a lot of internal debating, I decided I will go on a week day. I went with one of my friend's who also wanted to get it done. We reached around 9:00 A:M in the morning. A form was given from the Driving School to be filled by us. I had just begun filling the form when someone asked me to go and have a class for half an hour and come back. Well, that was something nice. I generally used to learn driving at the weekedns. Here I was given an opprtunity to learn it and I thought why not make use of it. anyways, half an hour hardly matters. So I informed my pal and went. (Indded that half hour was so good that I decided I will start learning all over again!!)

By the time I came back, my pal had vanished. I called, only to realise that person is already in the RTO office. Wow!! What friends right??? That was the thought that struck me too...

I walked till the RTO office from my Driving School and searched that place and went up. All in vain. I couldn't figure out where my friend was. I waited a while and picked up my bag and walked out. I was totally furious, all ready to emit fire out of my nose too. I would have looked like a 2 - legged dragon emittin fire profusively.

It so happened that my dear darling mum called. I vented out of frustration to her and I was expressing it loud and clear. She hung up after a while. ( Poor mum!!! Guess she is used to it... Wonder what will happen after I marry... guess there will be more blogs from my husband's end...) There was this guy sitting there and I guess seeing my highly expressive expressions. After a wee bit of time, I hear an EXCUSE ME behind me. I turned and it was the same guy.
I turned and he very politely walks upto me and says, "Maa'm can I help you?".. Now , I honestly was flabberghasted....I said no thank you, but it was very sweet of you to ask me.. He said he had a day pass also, so if I needed help, he would accompany me...That was so nice of him...

Me, being I - just - love - to - talk kind of a person, started a conversation with him. Landed up talking to him for about 30 minutes.

The point is, even now there are people who are so sweet and are ready to help!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


How many times have we all felt frustrated with stupid forwards askin us to forward it to 10, 20 etc. people and you will get X, Y, Z???

Gosh, such crazy mails kill me. I just hate it and I wonder why people forward such mails in the first mail.

I happened to read one such mail from a frustrated victim of such forwarded mails and it indeed was hialrious.

It was like this,

I want to thank all my freinds who have forwarded mails in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and continue doing it in 2010.....


1. I have stopped drinking coco - cola after I found out that it's good for removing toilet stains.

2. I stopped going to movies for the fear of sitting on needle infected with AIDS.

3. Forwarded hundreds of mails, but still waiting for Free Desktop, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Camera etc.

4. I smell like a wet dog since I stopped using deodrants because they cause cancer.

5. I don't leave my car in the parking lot or some other place for the fear that someone will drug me and rob me. So I land up walking more than 7 blocks at times.

6. I also stopped answering calls for the fear that may be someone may ask me to dial a stupid number and then I get phone bills with calls to Uganda, Pakistan , Singapore & Tokyo.

7. I also stopped drinking from cans for the fear that I will get sick from rat feaces and urine.

8. I have forwarded 35 e mails to 400 people that Nokia or Ericssion will send me the latest mobile phones, but they are also obsolete now.

9. Made some hundred wishes before forwarding those Ganesha or Balaji pics. ( Now most of these wishes are amrried to someone else).

The above are so true. I honestly would love to know who came up this mail. It is perfect.

Forwards are good to an extent but these kinds which ask you to forward are such a menace.


I'm sure most of the H.R's in the organizations especially I.T keep sending snippets which are in wide varities. Various H.R related anecdotes are sent too. I generally love reading them as I feel they are such a breather from those mind boggling tasks we do at work!!

In my company too, my H.R keeps sending those highly recommended breathers at not - so frequest intervals. One such snippet caught my attention today and I thought I will share it for you guys to give it a thought too else it will be grey cells malfunctioning.


Ain't it a really great statement. Who ever came up with this thought is indeed great.

Now this thought had a solution too, to overcome the problem. ( Digressing, I would like to add this quote, " Every Problem is a Solution in disguise"!!).

How to overcome?

Read on,

I understood, I should not react, I should respond. Reactions are insticntive, whereas responses are intellectual. Between the STIMULI ( what happens to me ) and the RESPONSE ( what happens through me), if ther is no gap, it creates reaction. But, between the stimuli and the response, if I use the gap to think and contemplate, then I can respond thoughtfully.

Now after this deep thinking reading I had at office, my tiny cells started functioning right away and left no stone unturned in making me realise that I very outstandingly belong to the latter half of the last statement undoubtedly.

P.S: I definitely will work on my responses more!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a must blog incident for ME. Communication is highly essential especially when you are making someone understand and conveying your points. This is one such incident with heights of MIS- COMMUNICATION.

It was one such hungry evening and I was at work. My colleague wanted help with his Presentation. Tuesdays we have weekly review meetings and Monday evenings are a crazy affair at work. I had just finished my presentation and was cross checking it like I was checking out an Infy guy to marry!!! (You guys can imagine the intentsity now...) Indeed the scrutiny was as such.

My colleague asked me for help with his presentation and Me being a real rock start with presentations offered help right away. Sat at his desk and started my work. He all of a sudden blurted that he would get me Gol Gappas if I completed it for me. Me being an Opportunist, grabbed it like I was grabbing jewelry from a FREE DISTRIBUTION UNIT. ( That's the best comparison I can give!!) I said No I want something else. So I opted for LAYS. (Didn't want to burn a hole in his...) Now the problem was who would go to pick it up. We decided we would ask our office boy to get it for us. I called him and he came. I very sweetly started in Kannada that I wanted a Lays packet. My specifications were to follow now. Our conversation was as follow ( Tranlated into English for the benefit of my readers),

Me: I don want Red Colour Packet Lays beacuse it is TOMATO Flavour and I don't like it.
He: What Madam?? Chips is made from Potato and not Tomato....
Me: **%$$^^$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Zapped throughly...) HUH?? (When on earth did chips change its base to Tomato from Potato....)
He: Madam chips is potato not tomato
Me: I want other colour packet lasy and not red.
He: You want lose chips madam???
Me: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....(Why did I want Lays??)

Thankfully my colleague comes to my rescue and the mission is accomplished!!!!!!

Moral never will I call my office boy to get me something and if I call, then my colleague will speak to him. BUT I WILL NEVER, God knows what he will say next???? Keep waiting till I post it next time...

Monday, May 3, 2010


People come, People go!!
Jobs come, Jobs Go!!
Colleagues come, Colleagues go!!
But this ain't true always. Some colleagues become friends, then become good friends, then become close friends and then they become such a part and parcel that it becomes YEH- DIL MAANGE- MORE- DOSTI type of a scenario.

In my life also I have one such Scenario. Let me elucidate the same.

For all you newbie readers, I had a colleague in my first job, RAMYA. For all you oldbie readers, I'm sure you know RAMYA (Courtesy: My Previous Blogs). This was one helluva of a girl I have ever met. She was indeed like a sister I never had. I just used to goto work to meet this girl and learn from her. Her level of enthusiasm, her MILLION DOLLAR SMILE , her frankness, I used to be awestuck. She used to take me to an entirely different world. To transport me back, used to be one tough job. She was my senior at work and I used to learn things from her. Work used to be a fun place beacuse of her. Our lunch outings, our snack party in the pantry etc.
I have spent about 14 months with her and we had our shares of ups & downs. But the ups used to be more so the downs weren't considered.
We both were chatter boxes. We used to have a million stories to share and a billion to create. ( Ramya, I'm sure you know the stories!!! )
But alas!! All happy things come to an end and our journey of togetherness also had to come to end. (Temporarily)

Ramya took a break from work and I changed my work.

New People Came, Old People Went,
New Job Came, Old Job Went,
New COlleagues Came, BUT, Old Colleagues never Went!!!

Ramya was one such colleague who never went and will never go.
I still mioss her a lot and I miss her crazily. I know for sure I will never meet this JOY BOMBSHELL kinda girl ever again.