Wednesday, January 27, 2010


GIRLS FROM AMES - This were the three words I was hell bent on... For those of you who don't know, these three words are a title of a novel by Jeffrey Zaslow. I accidently happened to come across this novel and from then I was determined to lay my hands on it, but I wasn't lucky. I never found this book in Bangalore in any of the book stores, be it big or small.

I once casually mentioned it to my bro in the USA about this bok and asked him to try it there.

It took nearly an year before I received that book. This time my bro didn't come to India, but he had sent me a surprise. YES!!!! THIS VERY BOOK WAS THE SURPRISE. I was exuberant. I kept looking at the book feeling so happy. (BRO THANKS A TON!!!)

I couldn't wait to start with the book.

For those of you who don't know about this book, here it goes.

It's about friendship shared between 11 girls (now 10) over a period of 40 years. Now what is so great about it!!! Well, the greatness lies in the way they have maintained it.

Their friendship started in a place called AMES, hence the title. It's splendid freindship that bonds these girls together.

It's a pleasure to read small anecdotes in the book like how the girls have treasured letters that they have written or small hand written notes passed in the class.

Memories you share with friends are for life. They are the most treasured possessions in one's life.

This book goes on to show pictures of all the girls in junior school to graduation to college to how they look now.

Each page you read, you'll fall in love all the more with the book. Every word written is so beautiful. The way they started off their freindship, the way they hung around, how they kept in touch even after moving out of Ames, how they kept it up post wedding, post kids etc, is just mind blowing.

When you read about this group, you'll all the more wish to be a part of a group like this.

Their re- union each year in a friend's place and how they travel back nostalgia is superb. The pics they bring, the notes, small gifts they share is just beyond words.

Friendship is something which everyone needs in life. But to have one friend of a group of friends to lean on, is like an elixir to life.

This book is a must read for all, for Zaslow has brought this group for us to read.

I would like to add, though I may not have a group like Ames Girls, I'd like to thank my friends - Ani, Shy, Juicy, Dummua, Paddy, Ashu, Champ, Scientist, Komala, Delphi Dude for being there when ever I needed them and all those whom I have met in my life and have made it special.

ANI you are and will remain my BESTEST FRIEND FOR LIFE. Thanks to DP for his Vishwabharathi, else we'e never have met.

I'm glad I have you for LIFE. Cheers to our 11 years of Friendship!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, another day, yet another incident....

These days I leave office at 6:15 P:M. I traverse half of the city to reach back home. (That's how far I travel to work). This mega event happened just yesterday.
7:05, my colleague and me were standing in stop no. 2 waiting for a bus. (Oh yes, now I have a partner to travel with). Both of us were jabbering away to glory. She is Ramya's replacement now.
There was this amazing guy, dancing away to glory in the stop. (I'm sure liqor does have some power, of should I say lots....) He was speaking to all the girls in the stop..... And it went something like this...Hello all,,,, I'm Ravishankar follower.... Blah Blah Blah.... My colleague and me were wondering as to why none were belting him..

7:15 P:M, our bus came and we were more than happy to duck this awful scene and protect ourself in those majestic public transports....

We both were discussing what a relief it was and I think we spoke too soon.... This guy had boarded the same darned bus... Christ!!! At 7:20 in the night, who wants such mega events happening....HE started again.... Hello ladies.. Don't fall in love... Thank you all... This goddamn line he kept repeating a zillion times......

Finally someone shoved him out of the bus.....

Relief regained back.....